The Fault In Our Stars

John Green

About this book and the author

The genre of this book is realistic fiction.

John Green has written over 10 books and some of them of been turned into movies.


Hazel is a young women who has a tumor. She meets the man of her dreams. Well she later finds out that she is in love with him. Hazel and Augustus become joined at the hip. Augustus later dies in the end of the book.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist are Hazel and Augustus. The antagonist was cancer and illness

Main Conflict and how was it resolved

The main conflict was that Augustus and Hazel were really sick and had numbered days. In the end Augustus dies.


The theme would probably be don't take things for granted because you don't know when it will all end.

Would I recommend this book?

Of course i would recommend this book!! It makes you laugh, cry and everything in between! Any teenager would love this book!