The Hero Tribune

Mrs. Belcastro's Class Newspaper

An Interview with Mrs. Comine by Laura

Laura: Mrs. Comine, how old are you?

Mrs. Comine: I am 38 years old.

Laura: Do you have any pets?

Mrs. Comine: No, but my child wants a dog.

Laura: Do you have a daughter or a son?

Mrs. Comine: I have a daughter.

Laura: Do you have a husband?

Mrs. Comine: Yes, his name is Jon.

Laura: What is your first name?

Mrs. Comine: Melissa.

Laura: That's my Teacher's name!

Mrs. Comine: It's a popular name! We have 3 Teachers with that name at Sunny Slope.

Laura: What does a Principal do?

Mrs. Comine: A Principal does everything, for example they help teachers and students.

Laura: What is it like being a Principal?

Mrs. Comine: Being a Principal is very busy. I have to be sure to pay for all of our supplies and books.

The Monthly 5 by Caroline

If you want to have fun on Halloween and be safe, here are some tips...

1. Don't run away from a Parent or Guardian!

2. Don't eat too much candy!

3. Don't run up to a house when the light is off!

4. Don't go somewhere without permission!

5. Don't go into somebody's house without permission!

What Kids Like by Vince

Kids like LEGOS! Kids can play any kind of LEGOs like Batman, Starwars, Monster Fighters and many more. Girls like Barbies because you can dress them. You can imagine what they are doing. Also, kids like action figures like Power Rangers or Monster High Dolls.

Hot Wheels by Caleb

Hot Wheels are great because they have the greatest cars in the world! They have the coolest sets. The cars are only cost $2.31, but you should get them at Target. They're only $1.00. I have one that is a dragon with wings that pop up.

Joker's Corner

What did the dog say to the bone?

I am happy to EAT you!

Adventures of Super Guy

created by Carter