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Peachtree Olympics - June 17 - 21

In this fitness focused camp week, everyone gets an opportunity to try new movements, new sports and learn more about good nutrition and hydration. Indoor and Outdoor activities include soccer, balloon volleyball, yoga, jump rope, basketball, hula hoop, dance, stretching and floor exercises. A focus on learning about healthy food choices and staying hydrated is woven throughout this camp.

Morning Activities include a combination of brain-building training designed to strengthen cognitive, communication and academic skills.

Afternoon Activities are centered around confidence building and fun ways of expanding talents and friendships. Some of the focus for the students will be math carnivals, tone and pitch matching, Tornado experiments, Speed and endurance challenges, and Wacky Tacky Relay Hour.

Campers will experience educational methods for building reading, math, language and attention improvement. Small teacher-camper ratios result in learning for all campers.


The summer campers have had a wonderful week at Peachtree; Vacation Bible School, Wheeler Park, Johnson Park Swimming, On-site Water Fun, ICE CREAM FRIDAY and Bowling. Our teachers say that the kids have had a blast and our parents say they have no trouble at all putting kids to bed at night. By the time they finish a day at camp, they are exhausted!

Summer Camp Teachers

Roaring Dragons

Betty Winstead - Pre-K graduates - Art, Math, Science

Blazing Dragons

Ms. Ashley Yost - Kindergarten - Literacy, Math and Academic Reinforcement

Bold Barracudas

Ms. Leslie Piper - 3rd - 4th - Arts and Crafts - Life Skills and Problem Solving

Courageous Cougars

Ms. Jessica Reed - 1st - 2nd - Science - Life Skills and Problem Solving

Might Panthers

Mr. Robert Sewell - 5th - 8th - Music - Life Skills - Problem Solving

Because the days are getting warmer, the campers will want to cool off with a dip in the water park or water sprinklers. Always be prepared with your swimming gear that includes a bag with water shoes, towel, swimsuit, and sunscreen inside.


In order to provide better service to you:

If you pick up your camp students before 6 PM, please go to the private school entrance in back and enter the building with the security code, 9853*. After 6 PM, you can pick up your student at the front desk of early childhood. We are no longer allowed to radio for them to come up front. You will need to come in to get them. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Be sure that you are looking at the calendar for the correct age group of your child. The age group that you should sign up for is the one that your child just graduated from this school year. Also, the field trip sign up forms for your child will be in the front lobby on a clipboard labeled with your child's grade level. There will be a form for each of the field trips on that clipboard. All children will not attend every field trip, so be sure to check closely that you are signing them up for the correct field trip and for the correct grade level. Of course, if you have any questions, please let us know.

Wishing all our Peachtree dads a very Happy Father's Day!