Leah Bard

About immigration...

Reasons for immigration

There were many push factors that drove thousands of people to immigrate. For an example, European farmers immigrated because land was scarce and they needed to support there families with different jobs. They moved to America for a better life. For another example, political and religious persecution pushed many Russians to immigrate. Political unrest was another push factor that caused people to leave their homes and immigrate.

Traveling to America

For most immigrants leaving their homes was extremely hard. The trip across the Pacific or Atlantic was miserable for most. Ships were overcrowded and many people were sick and had diseases which spread. Upon arrival at Ellis Island, the first thing that immigrants saw was the Statue of Liberty. For all it meant hope and freedom.

The experience in America for immigrants

Many immigrants heard stories that America was paved with gold but little did they wasn't. It was hard for most immigrants to find work because they didn't speak much english and for many it was a huge culture shock. Families had to start there lives over. Acculturation was the process of holding onto old traditions but adapting to a new culture which helped immigrants adjust to a new life.