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May 12, 2017 - Volume 2 - ISSUE 30

Welcome to the Seekonk High School Newsletter! It is designed to keep everyone (parents, students, staff, and community members) informed of the many events that are happening around the school. It contains links, pictures, and videos so that you have a more interactive experience and the ability to learn more (if you wish) about various topics.

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Time to Think Summer Reading!

Seekonk High School is pleased to announce that for summer 2017, we will again have our “One School, One Book” reading program where all SHS students will read a book that has been selected by their peers and teachers. More than 35 books were reviewed and considered by 2 English classes and a student/faculty committee. This year’s selection is Shift by Jennifer Bradbury (272 pgs, 2012), a realistic mystery involving two high school friends.

The entire summer reading list is available here - please check the list for your student’s classes. Students enrolled in honors English classes and Advanced Placement (AP) classes will be required to select and read an additional book or books.

SHS families can order books at a discounted, tax-free price through the school and receive them before the end of the year. Print out the order form here. Students can bring in their book orders and payment and drop them at the school’s main office or library through Tuesday, May 16, 2017. We can accept cash or checks made out to “Town of Seekonk.” Books will be delivered to students at school during the week of June 5, 2017.

Monday, May 1, 2017 - Monday, July 31, 2017: Bus registrations are open. Please review these forms and print the ones you need. This will help you be prepared for next year.

Saturday, May 13, 2007 - Monday, May 15, 2007: The senior trip will be taking place. Please see the class advisors for details.

Thursday, May 18, 2017: One night, three great Science Club events! There will be, Science Cafe with students talking and presenting, Envirothon soil testing for just $5.00/sample, and a Greenhouse plant sale fundraiser

Tuesday, May 30, 2017: Senior Class Day

Tuesday, May 30, 2017: The Seekonk High School Senior Student-Athlete Banquet will be taking place at 7:00PM. This event will be held at the Attleboro Elks Club.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017: Senior Class Night will be taking place at 7:00PM in the auditorium. All seniors are expected to be present and in their graduation gowns.

Friday, June 2, 2017: GRADUATION takes place at 6:30PM! The location will depend on the weather.

Notary Services are available for residency documents at every school in the district. If you are submitting residency paperwork, just bring it to the school and we will notarize it for you when it is submitted!

For Future Planning:

Underclassmen Exams - Monday, June 12, 2017 - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Day of School - Friday, June 16, 2017

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warriors garabian and teneiro take meet by storm!

"At the MSTCA Freshmen-Sophomore Track Meet, Seekonk High's Cam Garabian was named the meet's "outstanding performer" with a meet-record shot put (40-7), while also taking third in the discus (107-4). In addition, Warrior freshman Abigail Tenreiro won the two-mile run with a personal-best time of 11:39.2 ..."

See the full article here.

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Dr. Jones

Reflect on Your Effect

You have heard me talk about reflecting on your actions. You have heard me speak about thinking the effect you have on other people. This video is about putting the two together. As we each get better at reflecting on how our own actions and behavior relate to the amount of success of failure we have; we need to move to the more complicated task of reflecting on how we affect others. Because in the end, that’s what’s important. It is always good to reflect on what you've come to realize or understand about your situation. The complicated part is not just reflecting on yourself for your benefit, but how that benefit may affect or be transferred to someone else. The hard work is putting action behind that reflection. Otherwise it is useless.

We live in a very connected world. So connected in fact, that it is often more difficult to communicate and be the best version of ourselves. We tend to get so caught up in our jobs, hobbies, activities, sports, and other aspects of life that we focus on improving what is best for us without thinking about how we are affecting others. This great community we live in can be just that; if we allow it and foster the mutual understandings needed. Perceiving your impact on another person is not about understanding them. Rather, it is about being self confident of who you are and self aware of your place in the bigger picture.

We all affect others. Whether it is through words actions, successes or failures; we have an impact on those around us. How many times have we said something and immediately realized it came out wrong? Not so easy to take back over a text.

How many times have we:

  • decided to criticize instead of help?

  • chosen material items over people?

  • not kept our word?

  • not given our word when we could have...or should have?

What makes us choose one over the other and how do we begin to make the positive choice on a consistent basis? Do we honestly stop to think of how to respond in a positive manner instead of reacting in a way that just makes us feel better?

Success breeds success. If you work hard on improving yourself and practice the act of affecting others in a positive manner, you will begin to elevate those around you and create a better experience. Individuals know this. Everyone wants to be better and those who act on it are drawn to people who are succeeding. Making decisions like this is not easy. Doing the right thing is not always popular. Reflect on your actions, understand what you need, and take action to get there. How do you find lasting success? Make sure to take others with you. What you need to do is hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would be able to do it. How do you succeed?

Weekly Message...

Reflect on Your Effect
Reflect on Your Effect

Around School...

This week I was lucky enough to see Mr. Censabella's USI class as they were in the midst of creating a "gallery timeline". Students were given one of the major topics involved with the issue of slavery's expansion into the West starting with the Compromise of 1820 and ending with the Election of 1860. They had to create a informational poster and hang it up. When the project was finished, students could stand in the middle of the room, see all of these events, and begin to answer the essential question: How did the United States become so divided and fall apart in the span of 40 years. It was very powerful to see and contemplate.
Mr Censabella's USI Class
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guidance - mrs. whatley

Progress reports for underclass men will go home on Tuesday this week. Please ask to see the reports.

MCAS math testing is on Tuesday, May 16th and Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30AM. Thank you for your assistance helping to get the students ready for testing.

Parents of Seniors: All graduation requirements and obligations need to be met by the last day of final exams on May 25th in order to participate in graduation on June 2nd.

Scholarship applications for our seniors continue to come in each week. You cannot be selected as a recipient if you do not apply. Please encourage your senior to review the available scholarships, select some that are suited to them and to apply. Many community organizations and families work hard to provide scholarship opportunities for our seniors. Here is a complete list of the scholarships remaining.

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assistant principal - mr. aguiar

Spring is here and as we head into the final portion of the school year I would like to reiterate several policies that could affect students at SHS. Please contact me if you have any questions.


For safety purposes, all outside doors will be locked at 7:25 A.M., the beginning of first period. Any student not in his/her first class at 7:25 A.M. will be considered tardy.

**Students who accumulate 9 tardies during a semester will lose their extracurricular eligibility for the remainder of the semester.

Extracurricular activities include sports, clubs, dances etc. Students will be ineligible for membership on athletic teams and clubs, and attendance at school sponsored activities including the prom, other dances, and end of the year activities. This policy will re-start new each semester.


Obligations for the purpose of this handbook include, but are not limited to text books, library books, detention hours, materials fees and lunch balances. It is important that part of the learning process include responsibility and accountability for fulfilling one’s obligations. Therefore, students who do not fulfill their obligations to Seekonk High School by the designated times will receive consequences. Specifically, students who have outstanding obligations will be restricted from the following:

• participation in or attendance at any extracurricular activity

• all sports

• all dances (including prom)

• participation in graduation ceremony

The administration holds the right to assign additional, appropriate consequences based upon the circumstance if necessary. Obligations as well as their consequences carry over from year to year.

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Warrior cries are shout outs to staff and students here at Seekonk High School. They are our way of recognizing hard work, creative thinking, and characteristics that make us proud to be part of this community. Please contact Dr. Jones if you wish to give a "warrior cry" to someone!

Ms. Kayla Nastari and Ms. Kate Wilson...for "all they do to help students have a more positive high school experience and succeed academically, socially, and emotionally." -Mrs. Kozlowski

Mrs. Janet Fitzgerald...for "all the work she does with outside businesses to offer students various opportunities for employment and internships. By making connections between students, businesses, and job skills; Mrs. Fitzgerald is creating a sense of hope and excitement rather than anxiety for students who are moving on to the next step in life." -Dr. Jones

Mr. Rob Censabella, Mrs. Angela Cunard, and Mr. Peter Hoogerzeil...for "offering a great professional development workshop to the entire high school staff on using Google Classroom to increase student engagement, motivation, and success." -Dr. Jones

Mrs. Donna Laliberte, Mr. Dave Bonneau, and Mrs. Laura Almeida...for "offering an excellent professional development workshop to the entire high school staff that focused on differentiation strategies. It was very informative and included an experiential portion that showed just how important it is for teachers to reach all students based on how they learn best." -Dr. Jones

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English - Mrs. Hellmold

Students have published another issue of The Warrior News! It has some great stories about Art Competitions, Spring Sports, SHS's Afternoon at the Arts performances, and a faculty Spotlight. Check it out here!
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library - mrs. larson

DEAR Week is next week!

It is Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Week, May 15-19 at Seekonk High!

Bring a book and start each day by reading for the first 10 minutes of first period.

Every student and teacher who reads during the first 10 minutes of the day during DEAR Week will be eligible to win a $5 Dunkin' Donuts Gift card. Classroom teachers have the entry forms – be sure to write your name neatly!

And don't forget, students and teachers can ALSO enter the raffle 1 additional time by sending an e-mail from their Seekonk Schools account to Just put "DEAR Week" in the subject line of a blank message, hit "send" and you will be entered!

Be sure to bring a good book for Monday!

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Music - mr. smialek

Music Department Scholarships: Seniors are reminded that the Seekonk Music Parents Association sponsors three scholarships each year to students who participated in Band at SHS. Applications for these scholarships are available in guidance and usually need to be returned early in May.

Upcoming Music Dept. events: Spring Concert, Wednesday, May 17th, Great East Band Festival, Friday, May 19th, SHS Band Banquet, Sunday, May 21st at 6:30 pm, tickets go on sale May 1st.

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science - mrs. cunard

2017 Summer Science Academy!

2017 Summer Science Academy at Bridgewater State University is now looking for registrations. This academy is a wonderful opportunity for all high school students. Participants work in a state of the art laboratory, performing numerous laboratory experiments/procedures. Another added will make a college application standout among others when admissions offices are making their decisions! Check out this link for more information!


Science Cafe: The next Science Cafe will be on Thursday, May 18th during the Seekonk Arts & Exhibition Festival. SHS seniors will present their performance-based projects and Bio II and AP Biology students will present their research on the Runnins River. The club is hoping to have a guest speaker as well.

Envirothon Team: Members of the team will be attending a workshop at Alden Labs in Holden, MA on Saturday, April 8th in preparation for the Envirothon Competition May 18th. The team will be accepting soil samples for testing at the Seekonk Arts & Exhibition Festival on the evening of May 18th. The soil testing is a fundraiser and is related to the current topic of soil and water sustainability. Each sample will cost $5 to test. Test results and recommendations will be provided.

Greenhouse Group: The Greenhouse Group will be selling plants at the Seekonk Arts & Exhibition Festival. The plants will have been raised in the greenhouse which the group obtained through a grant from Mass Agriculture in the Classroom.

Check out a quick flyer for these three items here.

science opportunities for students:

Explore your career interests & make your college application stand out!

UCONN Explore Engineering:

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Summer Community Swim Hours

Summer is here! Do not forget to register for swimming classes or stop in for open swim. There are many levels of swimming available for everyone to take part. Lessons are based on the American Red Cross model. Reserve your spot before they all fill up! Check out the flyer for more details and contact Seekonk High School Aquatics Director Megan Giammarco to get registered.
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Nurse - Mrs. Rok

Spring weather is finally here and parents need to make sure that students with asthma are carrying updated inhalers if needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Rok.

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance of abuse among teens in the US and may put your health and safety at risk. The following facts on alcohol are from National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens on the effects on teen’s brains:

Short-term Consequences of Intoxication (being “drunk”)

  • An intoxicated person has a harder time making good decisions.

  • A person is less aware that his/her behavior may be inappropriate or risky.

  • A person may be more likely to engage in risky behavior, including drinking and driving, sexual activity (like unprotected sex) and aggressive or violent behavior.

  • A person is less likely to recognize potential danger.

Long-Term Consequences as the Teen Brain Develops:

  • Research shows that drinking during the teen years could interfere with normal brain development and change the brain in ways that:

  • Have negative effects on information processing and learning.

  • Increase the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder later in life.
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Sports - Mr. Crippen

Congratulations to Freshman Baseball player Brendan Morales who hurled a complete game two hitter last Sunday shutting out Bishop Stang 4-0 in a game played at Seekonk High School. The Warriors used a four-run first inning to put the game away courtesy of a big three run double from Senior Chris Fernandes. Monday at Old Rochester the Warriors used another outstanding pitching performance, this time from Senior Josh Machado as Seekonk shocked Old Rochester 2-1. The hot streak continued Wednesday night at the Warriors travelled to Wareham shutting out the Vikings behind the complete game effort of Terry Smith to run the team’s record to 10 and 4 setting up a big conference showdown Friday afternoon against Dighton-Rehoboth.

The Seekonk Softball team got a much-needed victory over Wareham Wednesday night under the lights at Wareham. Zoe Jennings and Kelsey Majkut, who also homered, combined to shut down the Lady Vikings. The Lady Warriors are hoping for one last tournament push as they travel to Dighton-Rehoboth Friday afternoon.

Congratulations to fellow Freshman Abigail Tenreiro who won the two mile last Saturday in the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Frosh/Soph State Meet, to Sophomore Jake Gausland who broke the five-minute mark in the mile and to Sophomore Cammy Garabian who broke the school and meet record in the shot put and, in so doing, qualified for the nationals.

Coach Kristin Nelson’s Unified Track Team is off to a hot start winning their first two meets of the year downing the likes of Case, Dartmouth, Somerset and Durfee. The team has received big contributions from Troy Pina, Leo Pettey, Iris Scherma, Mark Reakes, Jaidon Lima, Alexis Aguiar, Cheyenne Frausto and Alizabeth Almeida.

Next year’s Swim Captains have been named. Congratulations to Haley Fournier and Jayden Vincente who have been named captains of the Girls squad, and to Tommy Ciolfi and Robert Gerardi who will captain the Boys team.

Please do not forget that the Senior Sports Banquet is coming up Tuesday, May 30 at 7 PM at the Attleboro Elks Club.

Prospective Fall student-athletes and their parents are requested to take advantage of the Early Registration open now online at the Seekonk High School Athletic Website.

Be sure to check out the Athletic Website for more information about requirements, deadlines, scores, and schedules.

The Seekonk Public Schools strives to provide a safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment in which all students can thrive and succeed in its schools. The Seekonk Public Schools prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation and ensures that all students have equal rights of access and equal enjoyment of the opportunities, advantages, privileges, and courses of study.

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