SPARK Team Newsletter

Week of November 16th -Chris Herren & More!

The Week Ahead! Marathon Bib, Chris Herren & SPARK Board Meeting

First piece of amazing news - SPARK was awarded a bib for the 2016 Boston Marathon!!! We have 2 runners who volunteered, and are in the process of formalizing the runner's commitment with the Town of Natick through an ACH form committing to $4,000 in fundraising. (other runner will be put on a waitlist) Thank you to Sunny, Michele, Karen and Dr. Amy for working so hard to put together.

Also, we have a very exciting week ahead of us at SPARK!

  • Chris Herren event is tomorrow, November 16th at 7pm. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED b/c we will have 700+ in attendance. See below and HERE for signup to volunteer.
  • SPARK Board Meeting is Wed, Nov. 18 at 6:30pm - location TBD. Will send minutes from our last meeting & draft minutes out tomorrow. PLEASE send Christine (ASAP) any topics that you feel need to be addressed at this month's meeting.
  • SPARK Pre-Strategic Planning Meeting ("Grounded Visioning") is Thurs, Dec 3 at 6:30. We have a solid team of 10 who have committed to being at the meeting HERE. Please add your name if you'd like to join us for this important process.


Monday, Nov. 16th, 7pm

15 West Street

Natick, MA

We need YOU! Because we will have 700+ in attendance, we need all hands on deck. SOAR and NTY will have a team there, but it would be great if SPARK was there in full force to help things run smoothly. I would recommend arriving (if possible) at 6:15, as the crowds will be pretty crazy. Click the following link to view remaining jobs!

Supporting SPARK Team Member Catherine Brunell

As you all know, SPARK team member Catherine Brunell's brother passed away this week. Our hearts are with her during this difficult time and I know that we are all sending love to Catherine and her amazing family. So many of you have asked how you can help:

  • HERE is the signup calendar for meals that was organized (in consultation with Catherine through her best friends Shannon Drenik & Elizabeth Goranson.) Feel free to sign up for just a snack or breakfast item, no need to sign up for all 3 things on a day. Those were just added to give people options in how they contribute.
  • HERE is an article that I found to be really helpful on how to support friends and loved ones through grief. Loved this quote about how author (a therapist) supported her 2 friends who had experienced loss: "Both of these friends need the people around them to be patient with their suffering and believe in their resilience. Both need to be empathized with but not pitied. Both will survive but do not always need to hear that they will in the moments where their suffering is the greatest. Both merely need to be asked what they need at any given time"

Discussing Developing the SUPERPOWERS of Empathy & Self Compassion with the Leadership Students at Dover-Sherborn Middle School! W/Framingham State Students (front row)!

It was a wonderful week for SPARK programming - Christine did 2 programs - one at Chestnut Children's Center in Needham (for educators) and the one (below) with students at Dover-Sherborn Middle Schools who are in the MARC bullying prevention leadership program (like peer leaders). Will share this pic & info on social media/our website once I get the word from the school (they are double checking privacy releases) But for now can share in our group. (bottom photo is kids spelling out LOVE against my screen of slides - they were AWESOME!!!)
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