Collection Evaluation and Weeding

Social Studies 910-919 By Teresa Flemming

Exploring Social Studies Through Children's Books

In the elementary grades, literature offers an excellent way for teachers and children to explore many themes of social studies. Through children's books, students can learn about their own culture, cultures around the world, geography, history, community, and much more!

The 900 books are located in the center of the library where they are accessible to the students and the teachers. Students can easily look books up using our library computer system, Destiny. The system gives the student an over view of the location of the book, the call number, and a brief summary.

When I taught pre-k and kindergarten, I was big on checking out literature to tie into my themed lessons. Integrating literature into social studies help students make personal connections and build background knowledge, stimulates creative thinking, increases vocabulary, and provide students with new information.

Data Evaluation

Julia P. Bryant is a school the has been around for a number of years. The media specialist informed me that she just did a big weeding of books last year. I ran a three year report to give a clear representation of how often the books are being circulated and the publication of the books.

The publication of the books were not terribly bad, due to the fact Bulloch County recently purchased hundreds of books to integrate with the Common Core Standards.


  • Total Items- 56
  • Total Circulation-51
  • Average Publication-2003

Circulation- 3 Years

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Publication of Books

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Weeding List

I am submitting the following books for weeding. Our library just underwent a major weeding and a lot of the books we have were just updated last year.

Disposal of Weeded Items

Bulloch County Board of Education School Properties Disposal Procedures are:
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The librarian at my school just completed a big weeding project. She informed me the first step of the weeding process is to get permission with from the administrator begin the weeding process. Once items are weeded and cleared with school administrator, the list is submitted to the board for final disposal. The books are sold on the the state website. If books are not sold, they are donated to teachers or other organizations in the community.