Criminal Wanted for Clutter Murders

$10,000 for Capture of Perry Smith

Physical Discription

Perry Smith has a broad and muscular upper body. He has a small, delicate, and possible crippled lower body due to a former motor vehicle accident. He is half Cherokee Indian and half Irish.

Family History

Perry Smith was born into a rodeo family with a Cherokee Indian mother, and Irish father, two sisters, and a brother. His youngest sister and brother both committed suicide, and his mother died as well. He lived with his father "Tex" for years after returning from his mother taking him and his siblings away (when she developed a severe drinking problem). After a fight with his father, he was sent to jail and has not yet seen or spoken to his father. He does not like his living sister but keeps in touch with her for "social reasons."
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Previous Crimes

petty crimes, mostly involving theft.
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The Clutter's Murders

After hearing about the Clutter's from a former cell mate, Dick and Perry broke into the Clutter household, tie up the family members, and then shot Bonnie, then Nancy, and then Kenyon with a .12 gauge shotgun. Lastly they tortured Herb and eventually slit his throat.