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TONGA'S climate

Tonga has a tropical climate with only two seasons, wet and dry, with most rain falling between February and April.

TONGA'S landforms

It is made from volcanos and is very mountainous.

TONGA'S history

Tonga's current king, Tupou VI, traces his line directly back through six generations of monarchs. The previous king, George Tupou V born in 1948, continued to have ultimate control of the government until July 2008. At that point, concerns over financial irregularities and calls for democracy led to his relinquishing most of his day-to-day powers over the government.

TONGA'S animals

Reptiles known solely from Tonga include the Eua Scaly-toed Gecko Lepidodactylus euaensis, a recently described skink Emoia mokolahi ,and the extinct Tongan Giant Skink Tachygia endemic genus.

TONGA'S people and language

The Tonga people of Zambia and Zimbabwe are a Bantu ethnic group of southern Zambia and neighbouring northern Zimbabwe, and to a lesser extent, in Mozambique. They are related to the Batoka who are part of the Tokaleya people in the same area, and also to the Tonga people of Malawi. In southern Zambia they are patrons of the Kafue Twa.


Land use: arable land: 20%
permanent crops: 14.67%
other: 65.33%

TONGA'S religion

Tongans are ardent church goers. Church service usually follows a call and response structure. Singing in the church is often done a cappella. Although church attends primarily to the spiritual needs of the population, it also functions as the primary social hub. As consequence people who go to a church of another denomination are absolutely not shunned.

TONGA'S food

They are hunters and gathers of the sea and the land.

TONGA'S customs

They do not enjoy "sexy" apparel

TONGA'S traditions and culture

Any description of Tongan culture that limits itself to what Tongans see as anga fakatonga would give a seriously distorted view of what people actually do, in Tonga, or in diaspora, because accommodations are so often made to anga fakapālangi. The following account tries to give both the idealized and the on-the-ground versions of Tongan culture.