Sorority Sisters

By Claudia Welch

"I didn't know what love felt like before I became a Beta Pi" (Welch 348)

Karen, Ellen, Laurie and Diane attend ULA and live in a sorority in the early 1970s. These girls could not be any different and form an unlikely bond.


"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same."-Elbert Hubbard

Through everything, the sisters stick together whether it is guy problems, grades, or parents. Even beyond college, the girls are always there for eachother.


Insecurity is a sorority stereotype, and even though it might be somewhat true, the girls in this novel battle through it with the help of eachother. For example, the character Karen uses boys to get over her insecurity so she will never have to be alone. Throughout the book, her character develops due to the way boys and her friends treat her.


"The giving of love is an education itself." -Eleanor Roosevelt

A main theme of this book is romance. Alot of the focus throughout the story is on the girl's love interest. The characters face betrayal, heartbreak, and infidelity.