Gage Community School Connection

November 18, 2016 Edition

Gator Happenings this Week!

Clean Teeth & Thankful Gators

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the resource room was converted into a dental clinic for students to get their teeth cleaned - around 100 students were able to take part! We love being able to support our students' health and wellness with great partners like Children's Dental Services! Healthy kids are ready to learn!

Tuesday evening our PTO held a meeting - they are gearing up for a Chipotle fundraiser. Check out the flier below!

Wednesday was our second early dismissal of the school year and our staff was busy learning together in the afternoon.

Friday morning started off with a Grateful Gator Gathering - check out the video link below to see some familiar faces! We ended the afternoon with more families in the building as 2nd grade families ate munchies and played math games together!

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Powerful Partnerships: Children's Dental Services

As a Community School, we are always looking to expand the partnerships we have with other individuals and organizations who share our mission of supporting student success.

This week we're showcasing the amazing work of Children's Dental Services. Children's Dental Services offers school based dental care that allows students to receive care without leaving the building. This allows for a reduced interruption of the child's day and no interruption or inconvenience for the child's parent. Their services are also accessible for all families, regardless of income.

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