This Week in Pre-AP Math 8

January 18 - January 22


Grades are updated, with the exception of late assignments, which I will be adding later today. Please make sure to check grades routinely. It is much easier to bring up grades when they first start slipping than to try to make everything up at the end of a marking period.

A couple things to keep in mind:

1. If you see an (*) in the grade book, this grade is NOT missing. The grade book system defaults an assignment as missing if there is no grade entered. This star in the grade book means that a student was absent or simply that I have not entered those grades yet. This grade is not hurting your students grade as of now.

2. If you see a zero (0), the assignment is missing and is hurting your student's grade. This is an assignment that was either not turned in or was turned in with no name on it. Your student needs to make every effort to get this assignment turned in.

Upcoming Weeks

We are working on finishing up unit 8 - which is all about right triangles and various angle relationships. After this, we are moving into volume and surface area, unit 9. Volume and surface area is one of the harder units, so, if you can, it would be helpful if you could start talking to your students of times when these types of calculations might (or have) come in handy. For example, painting walls is a type of surface area. Figuring out how much of something a container would hold would be volume. Any real application of this that your students see will be helpful to them and it doesn't hurt for them to hear of time you may have used it in your life.

Once we finish unit 9, we will move into our financial responsibility unit, where we will revisit interest (both simple and compound), college costs, saving, etc. So, again, any time your student sees these things in action will help. If you are looking at your bills and feel comfortable with it, show your student how your car payment is calculated or how your savings account works. Have them look at some costs associated with college. Talk to them about potential ways to help pay for those costs other than loans (especially if you have been to college and are dealing with loans....). Again, every little bit helps.

Once we finish the financial responsibility unit, we will move into STAAR review. More information will come about this when it gets closer.


As much as I hate to say it, STAAR testing is right around the corner and it will sneak up on us before we know it. Now is a great time to have your students thinking about what things they really struggled with so far this year. They can always come to me for help if needed, but anything they struggled on would be a good thing to review (they can access any videos I have posted about any topic on blackboard as well as any old assignments). There will also be some benchmark testing coming up and I will give more details, once I know them.

STAAR Dates (for your reference):

Tuesday, March 29: 8th grade Math (and 7th grade Writing)

Wednesday, March 30: 8th grade Reading

Monday, May 9: 7th grade Math

Tuesday, May 10: 7th grade Reading

Wednesday, May 11: 8th grade Science

Thursday, May 12: 8th grade Social Studies

Copies of Assignments

If a student is missing an assignment for any reason, there are several ways they can get a copy of it:

1. I post copies of all daily work and notes pages on blackboard. Students should be able to access them anywhere they have Internet connection. Also on blackboard is a calendar where I post daily entries with detailed descriptions of what was done in class that day. I also post pictures of my notebook on blackboard so that students can see any notes they have missed.

2. I attach copies of anything that is a daily grade in skyward as well. Students (and parents) can access these files.

3. Students can ask me for any work they missed as well, but this method is not the quickest way to get work, as it usually has to wait until there is a chance during class for me to pull that work.

Students are responsible for keeping up with their notebooks and making sure they get any missed notes if they are absent. They are also responsible for getting their missing work.

Tests will NOT be posted online, so if a students misses or needs to retake/correct a test or quiz, they will need to come to tutorials.


As always, I am available for tutoring after school, if needed. My normal tutoring days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week, I will definitely be available on Tuesday. I have a half day meeting on Thursday, but it is supposed to end at 3 pm, so I will have tutoring on Thursday, if I can


Just a reminder, laptops should be brought to class and should be charged every day. We need to make sure students have them when they need them in class,

This Week In Pre-AP Math 8

  • We will be continuing our Unit 8 discussion of various angle relationships
  • Friday will be the end of the three weeks. I will email progress reports either Friday or Saturday
  • Next test date: Tuesday, January 26


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: