Marine Biologist

Career Project By: Halie Brandenburg

Job Summary

Marine Biologists research and study basic principles of plant and animal life, such as origin, relationship, development, anatomy, and functions. I chose a career in Marine Biology because I love animals and also because it seems very interesting to be able to study all about their ways of living.

Typical day


In order to get into a good college that means you have to work really hard in high school to prepare for it. You can take extra courses in high school to prepare, for example if you wanted to be a Marine Biologist you could take biology, calculus, chemistry, or even physics. All of these classes are really a lot of skills you need in this line of work. After high school you have to go to college at least five or more years to become a Marine Biologist. There are plenty of colleges you could go to in the United States, but if you want to major in Marine Biology you probably want to go to a college that has those resources. Some examples of colleges are New College of Florida, Barry University in Miami, Florida, and even University of California, which is located in Los Angeles, California. The cost of the tuition depends on how many semesters your staying if your staying for all of them you will have to pay more.

Career Outlook

There will be strong competition for basic and applied positions. Federal funding for basic research has grown. However, at the same time, the number of newly trained scientists has increased. Thus, the market for research positions and research funding will remain competitive.

Related Jobs

If you are into things like science, animals, or plant life, but you don't want to be a Marine Biologist there are other related jobs you could still do. For example you could be a Oceanographer, an Environmental Manager , or even a Molecular Biologist. The world is filled with jobs that are fit to your liking.

Average Yearly Salary

The yearly salary for this job is about $90.000, it depends on how long you've been working.

People who are good for this & people who are not

The kind of people who are good for this job are people who work well with others and use their time wisely so they can get things done. People who are independent, mess around a lot, and can't concrete on work are bad for this job. After researching this career I still feel this would be the perfect job for me because my personality traits are exactly what you need in this kind of job.