The Weekly Knot

Vol.4 Issue 16

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Teacher Week Schedule

A Week-Media Schedule

Monday,December 11th

Chorus- Cantalina/Serenade II 8A-9A

Grade Level Chair Meeting

Tuesday, December 12th

Daytime Concert 3rd Grade Choir/Orchestra/Dance Company 9-10A: PreK, K, 1,3 Invited

Grade 2 Field Trip to Northwestern 9:30A-12:30P

12:45-1:45P 4/5 grade orchestra

Guided Reading Training-3rd grade

Wednesday, December 13th

Chorus- 8A-9A - All sections of 4th/5th Choir

10-11A- 4/5 Band

2:15-2:45P, Committee Meetings

4:30-6:30P, Learning Carnival

5:30-6:00P, 5th grade Parent Meeting about Middle School options

Thursday, December 14th

Daytime Concert 4th & 5th Grade Choir/Orchestra/Band 9-10A: 2,4,5 Invited

Friday, December 15th