Amendments of the Constitution

Created by Michael Gabe

Amendment 1

freedom of speech

Eventhough the "freedom of speech" part of amendment 1 was created (and was new), slaves still didn't have the right to do ANYTHING freely. They were allowed to be beaten, whipped, or done anything to them by their "owner". Freedom of speech meant that anybody could say anything (to some limits).

In my opinion.....

In my opinion, freedom of speech is the main thing America needed. But people should not be allowed to excessively swear in public, and also (also later said in assembly and petition) people shouldn't be allowed to say racial comments in public. Not that this has happened recently...

be careful what you say

In Old England, if you say that you don't like the king or how government works, you can be executed just from that. People can tell authorities on you and get paid for that.

The first amendment doesn't cover burping

Freedom of press

Freedom of the press meant that publishers of newspapers, or anything else to do with the news, could write anything they wanted. As long as the news is actually true.

in My opinion...

In my opinion, people have to know what is going on outside the world, but I think that gossip in magazines or news intrudes too much on celebrities' lives. It isn't fair that because so and so broke up with so and so it should be exploited. Plus, this happens with normal people all the time, just because they are famous does not (in my opinion) mean that because they did something wrong it is important.


Virginia asked the Supreme Court to uphold the freedom of press on college. Virginia wanted to make restrictions alcoholic advertisements in college campuses. But, even though Virginia said that there was "a common sense like" between drinking and advertisements, the district court had no reason to believe that making restrictions on these advertisements would reduce usage of under-age drinking.

Old England's Policy

Because they didn't have Amendment 1, and frankly didn't want to have it, Old England recuired all publishers, including those from the American colonies, had to give a license to print any one particular thing. Therefore, publishers didn't have as much control over what they publish as we do today.

freedom to assemble and right to petition

Freedom of Assembly means that people can form groups such as protests, strikes, anything from public to private. As long as it is not illegal (exporting/inporting drugs, planning assassination/murder, etc). Freedom to Petition allows citizens to request a change in government, like wanting less animal cruelty for example; this is usually done through either protests, strikes, or petitions.

in My opinion.....

In my opinion, freedom to assemble and petition is great! But racist people are legally allowed to yell out in public a certain type of religion or country should be eliminated. For example (and I do not want any of these things to happen) people can legally yell out: Kill the jews! Or, kill the muslims! That should not be allowed in public.

Chicago teacher strike

Recently in Chicago, teachers of public schools went on strike for income increase and better insurance.

Before and now

Before, people used to rebel by killing the king. Now, in America, people rebel by casting their vote differently or through protests.

Tar and Feathered

Instead of protests, colonists "tar and feathered" officials: they poured tar on officials and threw feathers on them, sometimes they also forced boiling tea down their throats.


Usually, kings do not pass down their power to their sons before death. If the sons want the power before their father dies, they have to kill them. Usually this happens through rebellions.

freedom of religion

Freedom of religion means that you can choose any type of religion you want, you also have to be treated fairly regardless of what type of religion.

in my opinion.....

In my opinion, this part of Amendment 1 (freedom of religion) has no flaws. People can believe what they want! If people think that if you are not their religion you will go to hell, then that's fine. People can choose what to believe in, and it should stay that way.

Religion today

Some countries like Malaysia do not have free religion, it is kind of sad...

religion in old england

Before, in Old England, you had to follow their religious rules of Christianity (or be Protestant if you were in King Edward VI's time). You couldn’t get a divorce or have another religion, unless you would rather die than be Christian.

Amendment 2, the right to bear arms

In my opinion.....

In my opinion, guns should be allowed to be sold to the public, but not automatic/machine guns or shotguns; only allowed to be fired at firing ranges and not to be taken outside the firing ranges. Also, extended clips/magazines should not be allowed to be sold to the public either. Only low-class rifles, sniper rifles, and pistols should be allowed to be sold to the public: this allows hunters to keep hunting and also reduce the death count in murder cases.


Because of the shooting at a batman movie, with the shooting at Sandy Hook incident on top, people are trying to ban guns being sold to the public.

Guns protect and harm

During the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Army took away guns from towns that were mostly loyal to the British. Also, on the frontiers, British soldiers and Hessians killed colonists, so having a gun would protect civilians from things like manslaughters from happening.