Judging Physical Features

Kimmy Bird 3-4

Analysis of the development of theme

The character max, in the book Freak the Mighty, is very big in size. His feet are large,and he is very tall. He is so big he is tripping and falling over his huge feet. Max's neighbors and people who live around him judge him. they have said, "That boy will turn out to be just like his Father, Killer Kane."his father, was sent to jail because he murdered Max's mother, Annie. They jud for his physical features. Also for his fathers past and what he may become. My theme, Judging Physical Features, relates to this text because, max's neighbors judge max for his features. They judge him also for his father being a criminal.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My opinion on the theme, Judging Physical Features, Is a good theme for the book, Freak the Mighty, because Max's features are large. The way Max looks takes a toll on him. His features make him stand out and not being able to fit in. Also with Freak. He is small, and crippled. His physical features are like this because he has a disease called Morquio Syndrome. The author did a great job with this theme because he explained the way that Max and Freak look and how other people think and act when they are around them. This theme relates now days because most people judge on how a person looks and not about what matters most. also they judge on physical features for popularity and to fit in with others.

Visual Representations of Theme

Write a Summary of the Text

Write a Summary of the Text

The main character ,in my opinion, is Max. Max is living with his grandparents or what he calls them, Gram and Grim. Max is living with his grandparents because his mother had passed away and his father, or as others call him Killer Kane, is in jail for murdering Max's mother. A boy named Freak moves into the house next door with his mother, Gwen. After a while they become friends and go on adventures together and call themselves, Freak the Mighty. In the middle of the story Max's dad gets time off for being good. Max's grandparents are in distress because of this. one night Max wakes up to his dad in his room he kidnaps him and takes him to an old friends house. It doesn't last long because Freak comes and saves the day! After, the cops come to catch Killer Kane. they then go on with their normal routine, then With Freak suffering from a disease called Morquio Syndrome, he does not live very long and the story comes to a sad ending. Freak passes away leaving Max in great sorrow. My picture, on the right ,is a picture of the cover of the book.

Author Information- Extra Credit

The Author of Freak the Mighty, Rodman Philbrick, is a writer of novels for adults and children. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, around 1951 and currently lives in Maine also in Florida. He and Lynn Harnett, His wife, were married from 1980 until she passed away in 2012.