George Washington Carver Biography

About George and how he is famous

When he was a youngester

George Washington Carver was born in 1864 at a Missouri farm near Diamond Missouri.

George grew up as a slave so he was very poor in his early years. Just to go to the nearest black school George had to walk a long ways when he was only 13. He also had to leave his parents to walk there. Unfortunately his dad died in a farming accident.

School Years

By 1875 He was free to leave the farm and go to school. By 1879 George had moved to Olathe, Kansas. 1 year after that which would make it 1880 he moved to Paola, Kansas, then in the same year George moved to Minneapolis, Kansas.George finished high school in 1884, then he went to collage at Tuskegee institute. George arrived in Tuskegee institute at Iowa in October 1896. In that same year 1896 he left Iowa to go take a job with Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee institute in Alabama.

Why he was famous/ character traits

He was very famous in missouri for making many things out of just peanuts and sweet potatoes. Some examples are bread, candy,cologne, and those are just some of the things he has made out of peanuts and sweet potatoes George is super brave including how many schools he attempted and failed but kept trying to eventually get in a good school. He was very smart figuring out ways to make candy, soap,etc out of just peanuts and sweet potatoes.George gave his life savings to Tuskegee institute before he died. And finally on january 5, 1943 at Tuskegee institute George died.


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