Literacy in Your Discipline

Supporting content learning and skill development

Professional Learning Opportunity

The focus of this professional learning will be to specifically address the types of literacy needed for students across a variety of reading levels to learn content. Focus areas will be on comprehension of disciplinary texts, vocabulary acquisition, writing to support learning content, and discussion strategies to support reading and writing.
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Session Outcomes

Each session will focus specifically on the reading, writing, and communication demands in your discipline. We will examine ways to support student reading, writing, and talking with the texts that are valued in your discipline and used to construct knowledge. You will learn strategies that are tailored to your discipline, design lessons that are aligned with YCCS Core Competencies and build on the experiences and knowledge of your students, and create formative and summative assessments that align to your instructional objectives.

Videos to Introduce Disciplinary Literacy

Disciplinary literacy
Dr. Leigh Hall Discusses Disciplinary Literacy and Struggling Readers
Dr. P. David Pearson Discusses Disciplinary Literacy

Additional Resource on Teaching for Disciplinary Literacy