Sante Fe Highschool vs. Doe

Sepearation of Church and State

Summary of Case

In the year 2000,two mothers decided to file a lawsuit against Sante Fe Highschool. The two mothers and the current and former students attended a highschool football game.Before the varsity football games ,an elected student would conduct a prayer.Well,the argument was rather or not the school was violating the establishment clause by saying prayers on public property through football games conducted by the government as a school event.In the ruling, 6 to 3 favored that prayer before football games does violate the establishment clause,because it was not done privately ,but in a public speech.However,the district court gave the school permission to have the prayer only if the prayer was nonsectarian and nonproselytizing. Many students enjoyed the prayer and did not agree with the ruling.Therefore, there was another ruling that stated that the prayer was not to be conducted before football games and that the prayer in which the government ruled,could only be done at graduations.Many believed that the ruling went against the citizens rights to religion. The court decision was that the student led prayer policy held at the school was unconstitutionalized. However, the educators were allowed to still have a student elected for speech but the prayer shall be private.

My thoughts

My thoughts

As an educator ,I would have faught against the lawsuit of prayer being unconstitutionalized.Although, I know that the law requires that students pray queitly .However, I believe that everyone should have the right to a speech even if a prayer is involved.I know that there are some people who do not agree with the pledge of allegiance but it is stated in schools publicly.I do not think there was anything wrong with the students saying a prayer at the football games.However, what they could have done to not offend anyone religion is tell everyone to take out a moment of prayer.Then everyone would have said their own prayer privately.


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