Kenilworth Newsletter

Would you like to get to know the people in your neighborhood on meaningful level?

Are you interested in attending or organizing monthly "Second Thursdays" events?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please join us for our very first

Kenilworth Community Building Meeting

Foo's Coffee House

January 14th


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We would like to organize "Second Thursday" events for ladies, men, couples and families. Every month can be something different.

Some ideas are:

Couples Cocktail Party

Ladies Coffee

Guys Night Out

Volunteer at your favorite organization such as Harvesters

Family soccer or kickball night at the Lutheran Church

Driveway Parties

Walk to Foos or Peachwave for a cool treat, etc

The initial meeting is to gather ideas and have people sign up to organize an event. You can do something individually, as a family or with a group of neighbors.