EAT Semester Exam

By Paulina Vega


T- Tutorial, teaching and classroom participation. I have participated in teaching classrooms by interning in an Elementary school and getting to learn from my inter teacher. Going around the class observing the students to see if they need any help on their work. Doing lessons on what they are learning about that week and helping out my teacher when ever she needs me.

R- Recreation, class christmas party.

A- Appreciation for faculty, when teacher appreciation day or any holiday came up I have made and given my intern teacher a gift.

F- Fundraising, cookie doe fundraising.

L- Leadership, Vice president of competitive events.

E- Educational Awareness, Being an intern.

S- Service, Can food drive

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Field Site Reflection

I've made a difference in my classroom by helping my teacher in passing out materials or just going around the classroom and assisting the students in anything they need. My teacher gets really busy at times and I'm always happy to help her with the students. My teacher Mrs.Berry sometimes gets migraines or needs to do something out of the classroom and she trust me enough to leave the students with me and I will usually read a book to them while she's out. I feel like I've really helped Mrs.Berry out and that makes me really happy that I've made a change in my classroom.

My Future as a Teacher

I'm planning to take the TSI when I come back to school from break since that's the scores that TCC and UTA look for. My plan when I graduate is to go to TCC and go 2 years there, then being able to transfer to UTA. I choose to go there because its always been my dream school from the beginning. The campus is beautiful and I have an understanding they have a great education program and that's all I look for is to learn from the best. I have want to be the best teacher and that's my goal and I know I will accomplish it.
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