South Side Family Newsletter

May 2020

Thank You, South Side Families!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the families that make up our South Side Elementary School Family. Back in September I announced to our South Side staff that I would become Principal at Avilla Elementary over the summer. Most students have been aware of this for some time. The decision to change schools is not an easy one to make. I have really enjoyed my time at South Side and the relationships that I've built during my time here as principal. I am happy that I will still be a part of East Noble School Corporation. I won't need to worry about completely losing touch with our South Side students.

I planned to include students in a special presentation to Mrs. Erexson this spring that would officially usher her into her new position as Principal at South Side. Although I don't get to have a special assembly for Mrs. Erexson, I can express to all of you the gratitude that I have for her as a person. Mrs. Erexson is a caring, competent educator that will lead South Side very well into the future. Having responsibilities as Dean of Students for the last two years in our school has provided her with a foundation for success as Principal. Our students are lucky to have her!

I appreciate all of the support that you have provided for our staff. I will be working at South Side through the end of June and you can certainly reach out to Mrs. Erexson too. I wish you all a positive summer with your awesome kids!

Jeff Harper



phone: 260-349-2200

Mrs. Erexson's email:

All eLearning assignments are due by noon on Monday, May 18

Student Item Pick Up

Please reference the letter sent to your email regarding student item pick up. You are encouraged to plan your arrival sometime after the 2:00 start time as we anticipate a longer wait at the beginning of each pick up day.

Our Drive In Parade is Friday, May 22 from 12:00 to 1:00

We are excited to offer a drive in parade to our students and families. Please use the map below to see our parade route. This is a drive in parade only, meaning students should remain in your car. South Side staff members will be lining the sidewalk to wave goodbye and "officially" end the school year as you drive through. Fifth grade students will receive a special treat at the very end of the route. This will be quickly handed to them through a car window. We hope to see you there. Also, we would like to thank the Kendallville Fire and Police Departments for their assistance during our parade.
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