Spring is in the air

We've made it through winter. Now it's time to go big!

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What to focus on this week

Getting back into the swing of things by loading your calendar with "Spring is in the Air" trunk shows! People are finally coming out of hibernation after such a rough winter and wanting to reconnect with their friends IN PERSON! Who cancelled due to the weather back in January and February? Today is the perfect day to touch base with them and find a new date this month to have their trunk show!

Spring is all about renewal and a fresh start so it's worth meeting your dream stylist for coffee or lunch and letting her know you think she would be great as a Stylist. Don't be afraid to share the opportunity even if you are brand spanking new! Doing this with a friend is so much fun (believe me!). Help her think of 4 friends or family members who would host a trunk show for her and set her up for a strong and strategic jump start so she can earn her investment back quickly. Keep things simple - her focus should be on booking trunk shows and sharing the opportunity with her girlfriends. Don't let the minutia of details (PQV.TGV, etc) let her (or you!) feel overwhelmed!

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Chicago Stylist Meet Up Tonight

Bootcamp with Danielle is Saturday, April 18th!

Whether you are brand spanking new to S&D or a seasoned Stylist, a day with our VP of Training, Danielle Redner, is not to be missed! I promised you, it will be worth your time and effort to get to to this and spend an day learning from the best of the best!

Can't make it but would love to send a potential Stylist? Please let me know and I'll be on the look out for your friend or former hostess during the Meet Stella & Dot portion. This is an EXCELLENT way to introduce someone to the business. Danielle is always a WOW!

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WIth love and appreciation for all that you do!

It's time, Divas! Time to make big things happen for your business. You have what it takes to load up your calendar with spring trunk shows, share the Stylist opportunity and make some great money! It all starts with your inner confidence and belief in yourself. YOU ARE NOT PUSHY or "SALESY" - YOU ARE A BOLD, JOYFUL AND CONFIDENT WOMAN who is offering happiness and fun!

Pick up the phone with a big smile and keep going, even after your 10th or 20th NO. Don't take things personally!! You are a proud, smart and savvy business owner - TENACITY AND PERSEVERANCE ARE THE NAME OF THE GAME!