Renaissance Art


Why I choose this topic?

I chose art because I draw all the time and I like art a lot. It caught my eye because I think the way art changed so quickly is amazing, and how skilled all of these people were.


- What are the meanings behind their paintings

-What different techniques of painting did they use in the renaissance that differs from the techniques we use now and what they used in earlier years.

- What should people pay attention to or look for in their art.

Renaissance Painting Techniques


  • Linear Perspective : Linear perspective is like painting what you see. Objects far way would be painted smaller than objects close up because they look smaller. Which means the closer the object the bigger it is.
  • Horizon Line: this refers to the point in the distance where objects become so small that they are shrunken to the size of the line
  • Vanishing Point: The vanishing point is the point in your picture that everything is pointing to. For example, looking at a road, the farther it gets the smaller it gets until it gets so small you can't see it anymore. The point at which you can't see it is where they vanishing point would be.

Shadows and Light:
Artists in this time played around with the way light hit objects and created shadows. They shadows and light were used to draw people eye to a particular point in the painting.

Emotion: The point of Renaissance art was to get the viewer to feel something while observing their art work. They wanted people to have an emotional experience from their paintings.

Realism and Naturalism: Artists of this time wanted to make objects, especially people, look realistic. The measured proportions to be able to create the "ideal" human form. This also ties into emotion because the facial expressions on the people they painted gave different emotions, which was meant to allow the viewer to connect with what the person in the painting was thinking and feeling.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper

Leonardo clearly understood the importance of light in his paintings and it really shows in this picture. The main focus is the brightest while the not so important parts get dimmer and dimmer. He also good at symbolizing.

-Jesus sitting in the middle with his arms spread is said to symbolize stability and equality.

- The apostles grouped around him are said to give a sense of equality.

- The facial expressions on each figures face is different allowing people to follow the story line behind the painting

Giotto: The Visitation

He uses perspective as well as light and shadows.

He also used the expressions on the peoples faces to show emotion

Masaccio: Tribute Money Brancacci Chapel

He used light and shade.

He is using facial expressions for emotion and to tell as story.

Connection to Modern Time

Modern photography and renaissance painting are very similar. The way art is created and the techniques used haven't changed much over time, except for the fact that it has become more advanced.


Both the paintings, and modern photography use focus.

Also uses shadows and light

Perspective and Emotion

They also both used perspective and Emotion.