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Free Apps!!!

Apps Gone Free

A number of apps at the App Store will be free for a short while. Companies trying to get their app out for viewing will sometimes release apps free for a day or even an hour. Many times users are unaware of these cost reductions and don't have the opportunity to take advantage of these deals.

Apps Gone Free is an app available on your iPad that will let you know when an app has "Gone free." You simply download Apps Gone Free from the app store and voila you get updates about the best apps that are currently free. The link below will allow you to download this app on your iPad, simply click the link.

Apps Gone Free

Toyota Teen Driving Challenge

Submit a two-minute video about how to make teens safer drivers for a chance to win the grand prize: $15,000 and a Discovery film crew to professionally re-shoot their video! Plus, thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be awarded to the 9 runners-up. Deadline is February 14, 2013.

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Make an Appointment with Matt!

Do you need some help in one of your math, chemistry or physical science classes? You can sign up for a tutoring session with Matt. To do this go to http://goo.gl/NNWvj and sign up for a 30 minute tutoring block. If there is a certain area of any of these subjects that you are having trouble with, let Matt know at mmontney@relevantacademy.org what you need help on. If enough people are having trouble in similar areas, he will do a reteaching of the material to better help you understand. (There may even be some videos of explosions from YouTube if it is the right topic...)

Profile of a Learner


Brooke, is a student at Relevant Academy. She is an avid BMX racer and has participated in world wide BMX competitions. Currently she is raising funds, through her racing, to support various charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, various food drives and more. She is an Olympic hopeful and would like to be a part of the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

Along with her BMX skills, Brooke is a talented artist and photographer. She especially enjoys drawing and painting. Eventually Brooke would like to expand this talent into a career in art media. She often finds herself drawing when she is bored or needs down time.

Brooke would like to graduate from Relevant Academy, move from Michigan and attend college in California. Brooke's advice to her peers is to "Live in the moment, don't get caught up in the little things."

Check out Brooke's artwork in the hall at Relevant Academy.

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