Great whites

by Nicholas Erpelding


Are you ready to learn about great white sharks me too lets go check it out.I bet you will find out some thing that you never new before.


Great whites weigh's two tones the snout is pointed like a cone. The mouth is located under the head. Grow to be 20 feet 6 meters long. [ Regular] they have white under sides.Also they cartilage body's.


Great whites live in salt water place's.Mostly found world wide mostly in cool water. swim along the shore. Great protect their territory.They protect their young from the dangers in the sea.Great threaten any type of fish even their own kind.

Life Cycle

A female gives birth to ten pups at a time.Then the pups live on there own for 25 years.They feed their young for 5 months and follow they mom for 5 months.

Fun Facts

.There are known as pointer sharks

.There are known as white sharks

.They have more than 3,000

.They are the longest hunter shark

.They are called pointer sharks

.They are called white death

.There longer than 20 feet


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This is a picture of a great white in salt water
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