Battle of Stalingrad

Danielle Stubbs

The Battle of Stalingrad was fought on August 23,1942 to February 2, 1943 in the southwestern part of the Soviet Union, The allies countries were Soviet Union and the axis countries were Germany, Romania, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. The battle ended with an allies defeat, and the axis power suffered severely. Many men and soldiers died in the war on both sides. Casualties were very high in the war.

German Army Russian Army

Led by Paulus Led by Zhukov

1,011,500 men 1,000,500 men

10, 290 artillery guns 13,541 artillery guns

675 tanks 894 tanks

1,216 planes 1,115 planes

The two main leaders of the Battle of Stalingrad were Hitler(axis), and Joseph Stalin(allies).
One interesting fact about the Battle of Stalingrad was that over more then 91,000 soldiers were captured by the end of the battle. Another interesting fact about the battle was tanks had troubles fighting in the city of Stalingrad. And lastly the battle was the first major turn in the war.