Ord Volleyball

The Official 2019-20 Digital Program

Welcome to Ord High School! Please enjoy, and remember these are games and everyone in the building; fans, athletes, coaches, and referees should be treated with respect. Let's appreciate each and every participant for their effort, determination, and sacrifice. Thank you!



2 Abbi Stethem 5'5" 11 L

6 Addie Sich 5'3" 12 OH

10 Reilly Peetz 5'9" 12 RH

11 Kailey Bruha 5'8" 11 OH

13 Kaidence Wilson 5'8" 9 M

15 Halle Jacobs 5'6" 12 S

19 Kaylee Klanecky 5'4" 12 OH

20 Megan Benton 5'9" 11 M

26 Nikie Nelson 5'9" 10 OH/M



3/28L Ali Miller 5'4" 9 OH

5 Natalie Papiernik 5'9" 9 OH/M

7 Britta Deden 5'6" 9 S/OH

9 Madyson Hall 5'3" 10 RH

13 Kaidence Wilson 5'8" 9 M

17 Lexi Vancura 5'9" 9 M/RH

22 Shaylee Jacobs 5'6" 10 S/OH

23 Koryn Klein 5'6" 9 OH/M


HEAD COACH: Jennifer Remmereid

ASSISTANT COACHES: Elizabeth Staab & Jerri Tuma

STU. MGRS.: Skylar Kokes, Lillie Shoemaker, Molly Klimek & Avery Ladwig

Opponent Roster

St. Paul


1Lauren Kantaras95'2"

2Kamryn David95'7"

3Ashley Keck105'10"

4Ella Bruggeman115'4"

5Sarah Clinch126'0"

6Josie Denney105'5"

7Julia McReynolds115'7"

8Sydney Conner105'10"

10Jenna Kruse95'5"

11Ainsley Aden125'8"

12Ashlyn Wischmeier115'8"

13Bailey Spangler115'9"

14Jilian Collins116'0"


1Hadlea Downing95'5"

2Kamryn David95'7"

3Erin Huddleston95'8"

5Lauren Kantaras95'2"

6Alma Barrera95'7"

7Madie Clausen115'4"

8Jenna Kruse95'5"

9Lydia Kathol115'4"

12Lexsis Adams95'8"

13Kyleigh Seim95'10"

15Makenzie Schroeder95'6"

16Jolene Butner95'9"

17Noelle Slack95'5"

Head Coach: Kris Conner

Assistants: Ellie Wardyn, Amy Johnson & Makenzie Smith

Mgrs: Cambrie Schmidt, Maleigha Johnson, Callie Squiers, Breckyn Bosshamer, Margaret Haarberg, Aibrey Mandernach, Sophie Conner, Trinity Carr

Trainer: Derek Horsley

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2019-20 Team Leaders

Trivia Question:

What year did the Ord volleyball team last win state and who did they beat in the championship game?

Answer Below

2019-20 Chant Volleyball Team


Jenn Remmereid, Elizabeth Staab, Jerri Tuma

Trivia Answer:

The Chants beat Minden in the 2007 Championship game (26-24, 25-16, 25-17) to finish the year 27-2.

Code of Sportsmanship

Welcome to Ord High School, home of the CHANTICLEERS. Ord High School and the NSAA promote good sportsmanship by students, athletes, coaches, and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, ethnic, sexist, or other intimidating comments or actions directed at officials, students, athletes, coaches or team representatives WILL NOT be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the facility. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!