Nutty Nitrogen

By: Liam Robinson

Let's Pour Liquid Nitrogen on the Floor!

Nitrogen Characteristics and Background

The super villain Nutty Nitrogen is the evilest of them all. He is on the loose and we need to find him. His symbol on his cape his N for nitrogen. He is 7 ft tall and 14 kilograms or 30 lbs. He can turn into liquid and be a gas at room temperature. He is a gas almost all the time and the only way to spot him is with special glasses. Because of his lightness he has the ability to fly and defy gravity. He will have a jet-back on containing nitrogen and will be spraying liquid nitrogen around the city. His background was when he was born in 1772 in Scotland. Nutty Nitrogen he can turn invisible when ever he wants except when he is using the nitrogen because of how dangerous it is. He is with 3 of his sidekicks Chlorine Caron, Fluorine Fred, and Odd Oxygen. We need your help to find him and his sidekicks!


His powers are speed, gas poisoning, and hazardous liquid nitrogen that comes out of his hands. He has accomplished to fertilize plants that were already fertilized and kill them. He also used his nitrogen to make ammonia and kill people at a slow rate. To make ammonia there has to be 3 hydrogen and 1 nitrogen. The covalent bonds are the outer shell electrons. There are 5 in the outer shell and 3 more need to be added on. That's why hydrogen is added on so 3 more electrons are added on the shell. When he attacks the city and leaves his nitrogen tank behind, the citizens use the nitrogen to make cars faster and escape from him and make explosions to try and kill him before he kills them. When nitrogen and oxygen are put together, they form sunlight. When nitrogen and fluorine are put together, they form colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas. Him being gas can put the people to sleep by passing through them. Being clear allows him to be invisible at all times but he is visible with the special glasses. Odorless allows him to not be spotted or smelt by anyone. Some chemical properties are bonding with acid to form ammonia. Bonding with salt to form fertilizer to kill plants and other living things. Water and nitrogen make an increasing chance of better nitrogen.


Nutty Nitrogen

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