what is a magnet?

A magnet is a piece of iron or other material which has its component atoms.

what can a magnet do?

A magnet attracts other metal objects to it.

can magnetism be stopped?

No, magnetic fields cannot be stopped.

can magnets be made? if so, how?

one way of making a magnet is getting a small piece of metal (earring, paperclip etc..), and rubbing it against a magnet.

what is a magnetic field?

A magnetic field is a region around a magnetic material or a moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts.

how can electricity make a magnet?

A normal, straight wire creates a magnetic field that affects a compass needle, A coil of wire around a piece of metal creates a real electromagnet .

how can we explain how electromagnets work?

By running electric current through a wire, you can create a magnetic field.
An electromagnet starts with a battery (or some other source of power) and a wire. What a battery produces is electrons.

Give examples of uses in the real world.

Electromagnets are used in everyday life in a generator or alternator in a car,
small motors around the workshop of a house, kitchen appliances and giant electrical generators.