QSSSA: de Zavala

Based on 7 Steps to Building a Language Rich Classroom


Learning Objective

To build academic language, I will intentionally plan using the QSSSA strategy

What is QSSSA?

  • Q (Question): The teacher asks a question.
  • S (Signal): The students give the teacher a response (determined by the teacher) when they are ready to answer.
  • S (Stem): The teacher provides a sentence stem to frame structure language.
  • S (Share): Students are asked to share their responses with one or more peers.
  • A (Assess): The teacher assesses the quality of discussion by selecting a few students to share their answers with the whole class.


Q- Why is creating a language rich classroom important?

S- Creating a language rich classroom is important because...

S- Stand and push in your chair when you have your sentence.

S- Give one Get one

A- Virtual Dice

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QSSSA Planning

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Virtual Dice

Randomly call on your students!