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Computers in Libraries

This journal provides complete coverage of the news and issues in the rapidly evolving field of library information technology. I enjoyed seeing that it focuses on the applying technology in our communities, schools, and libraries. Another great aspect of this journal is that it includes discussions of how computer technology impacts our library systems and community. In addition, this journal has great articles for librarians and professionals that give great insight about how technology affects them, their work place, and patrons. Not only that, it's written by librarians!

Executive Editor is Richard T. Kaser

Staff Writer is Celeste Peterson-Sloss

Production Manager is tiffany Chamenko

Senior Graphic Designer is Danielle M. Nicotra

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American Libraries

This journal is considered the voice to the American Library Association. It's an awesome magazine that keeps up with daily issues, latest news about the Internet and any new technology. It has an excellent broad coverage of current events and developments in libraries and the profession. I enjoyed seeing and reading some great ideas and information about library services. It's also very colorful in format. Keeps your eyes interested. In addition, they share lots of great reviews.

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Video Librarian

This awesome resource is full of reviews for videos and can be a great asset to your collection. It's a great resource for public, school, academic, and special libraries. It's written by their staff as well as librarians, teachers, and film critics. It offers over 200 reviews in every issue. It alerts readers to upcoming new releases, documentaries, and other movie titles. A great part they share with the reader is where to find bargains and free videos. Many consumers have described it as essential, honest, and indispensable material.

Publisher/Editor: Randy Pitman

Associate Editor: Jazza Williams-Wood

Editorial Assistant: Christoher Pitman

Graphic Designer: Carol Kaufman

Web/Database Designers: Allison Brucker, Steve Ladd, Greg Stiles

Marketing Director: Anne Williams

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Booklist Online

Booklist is a publication of the American Library Association that provides critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. It is geared toward libraries and booksellers and is available in print or online. Wow, it contains more than 160,000 reviews and thousands of older features as well. I love their colorful format and photos/clipart. There is plenty of information for everyone to enjoy.

Editor & Publisher: Bill Ott

Editor, Booklist Online: Keir Graff

Editor, Adult Books: Donna Seaman

Editor, Books for Youth: Dan Kraus

Senior Editor, Books for Youth: Sarah Hunter

Associate Editor, Book Links: Maggie Reagan

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Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Fabulous resource that can assist you with answering many questions you might have about children's literature. It's great to see that it is devoted entirely to the review of current books for children. The summaries are concise and they evaluate books very critically, which in turn benefits the consumer to make the best decision on whether to purchase the book or not. I liked that each review gave you information on the book's content, reading level, strengths and weaknesses, and the quality of the format. Teachers will appreciate the suggestions on how you can use the book with your curriculum.

Editor: Deborah Stevenson

Reviewer: Elizabeth Bush

Reviewer: Karen Coats

Reviewer: Kate McDowell

Assistant Editor: Kate Quealy-Gainer

Reviewer: Thaddeus Andracki


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