Burden Lake Conservation Association, Inc.

Update From the President - Richard Amadon

Dear Burden Lakers:

Your Board has been busy over the past several months. Thanks to Steve Quillinan's hard work and financial support, the State of New York now recognizes us as a not-for-profit organization known as the Burden Lake Conservation Association (BLCA). Steve is currently working on obtaining our 501c3 status, which will take some time to obtain.

The Town of Sand Lake is moving ahead with its 2nd dyke culvert replacement project. This past week the Town hired an engineer for design and permits. The BLCA is in constant communication with the Town. We have expressed our concerns and to date have received all documentation related to this project.

I would like to thank the Water Quality Committee for their ongoing efforts in maintaining the water quality of our lake. The Committee, over the last two years, has been investigating the most cost-effective and efficient ways to keep invasive weeds and algae from the lake. The plan going forward is to begin the mechanical harvesting of weeds and only treat with chemicals as needed. (See the report from the Water Quality Committee through the link at the bottom of this newsletter.)

The Board would like to thank its members who have left over the past year for their hard work and time they have given to our organization: Tony Ilaqua, Lisa Toomey, Scott Vandenberg and Dennis Ryan.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season enjoying family and friends.

Rich Amadon

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Calling For New Event Ideas - Make 2019 a BIG HIT!

New ideas have been coming in beyond the old standbys and we want you to keep them coming!

Corn -Hole Competition between area lake associations

Sangria Night

Band Night

Winter Carnival

5K run event.

Vote of September 18 to Restructure and Renaming - Ultimately to Regroup

The BODs did an open verification of all votes including absentee ballots. Final count was verified at 7:58 p.m. on September 18, 2018 with 82 in favor, 3 opposed. Restructuring has officially been declared as passed.

Water Quality Report and Recommendation

The committee has spent a lot of time researching and focusing on new ways to clear weeds from the lake. In the past we have been using chemicals and done spot sonar treatments. It has been suggested that an Eco -Harvester might be the best way to go in dealing with weeds. Check this video out! The Eco-Harvester is designed to pull weeds by the roots and removes seeds as well. Kinderhook Lake Association has purchased one and finds it operates in varied depths and will do scim removal. Maintenance of this harvester is minimal because it is hydraulic.

Talk to members who have seen it in action at Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey, Russ Bennett, Steve Quillinan, Richard Amadon, Paul Ashline, Larry McKeough, and Steve Scarlata.

Winter Carnival (preliminary date and time)

Saturday, Jan. 26th 2019 at 1pm

Brook Spring Avenue


Winter Carnival on January 26/27. This event would be held in the back cove area. Member Tim Pelcher is organizing this event and is planning a pig roast, games, side dished, coffee, hot chocolate and races on the ice and snow. Mark your calendars now and keep your eye on a detailed email to all members.

Culvert Project - Town of Sand Lake Update

We received some clarification on the culvert project. Nancy Perry said that the Town of Sand Lake plans on taking the existing pipe out and replacing it with one that is the same size. There is still some discussion on the table about the exact dimensions. This project will be done at the same time the sewer pipe project is done because the pipe needs to be removed from the area known as the bridge. Neil Bonesteel is the engineer for Sand Lake on this project . Wendy Will will continue to be in contact with Nancy Perry and report back to the BOD.

Current Board Of Directors Officers

President - Richard Amadon - 518 479-1219

VP and Secretary - Olga Ashline - 518 281-1750

Treasurer - Steve Quillinan - 518 518 281-7020

Committees - Events - Wendy Will, Kyle Murphy, Alea Ashline

Water Quality - Russ Bennett, Steve Scarlata

Maintenance - Paul Ashline, Dennis Ryan


Please take the time to let our hard working members know how much we appreciate all their time and effort into keeping our association going. We will still look towards your help and guidance. Thank you, Dennis Ryan, Scott Vandenberg, and Lisa Toomey.

Saying Goodbye to Old Friends

We are sad to say goodbye but your dedication to caring about the lake did not go unnoticed and will long be remembered. You and your family are in our thoughts, Mary Jane Cioffi and Ron Bogardus.