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What an owlmazing February we had! Together you added a total of 49 new designers to The Charmed Life Team! Way to GROW!

March is going to be nothing short of incredible with the upcoming release of our new Spring product line. Courtney and I cannot wait to see what Origami Owl has in store for us! We know that the new Take Out Menu and Spring line will have all of us soaring to new heights!

Beginning this weekend Directors around the country will be holding Spring Launch Meetings where we will be unveiling the new Take Out Menus and the entire spring line! If you need information on a Spring Launch Meeting in your area please let us know and we will make sure to provide you information on a meeting near you!

Set your goals! How many Jewelry Bars do you want to hold weekly and monthly? Write it down and commit to making it happen! Call past hostesses, family and friends and ask them to host a Jewelry Bar!

If you are a new designer schedule your launch party! This is one of the most important things you can do to jump start your business! Wear a locket EVERYWHERE you go and make sure to have Take Out Menus and business cards with you at all times!

Do something everyday to grow your business! Mail out new TOMS to previous hostesses! Make customer care calls to see how they LOVE their jewelry or if they have any questions! Share the opportunity with others! Make up recruiting packets to have on hand at all of your Jewelry Bars and events!

Set up at least one Facebook Party! If you aren't sure how to let us know! There was a great training this month that another 02 designer did that we can send you the script for!

Watch the weekly webinars to stay up to date on all the latest news and happenings!

Make sure you are updating the O2 Connection with your contacts so that they receive your personalized monthly newsletter.

Set your goals of where you want to be on the Career Plan! Do you want to promote to the next level? If so see what you need to do to get there! Hang that career plan where you can see it every day! Do you want to be a Team Leader, Senior Team Leader, Executive Team Leader or a Director? Well you can be! Commit to your goals and they will happen!

The opportunity to grow and succeed with our Company is amazing! We want to see all of you at the top! You can do it and we are there to help every step of the way!

Have an owlsome March and keep on sharing the Origami Owl Love!

Connie and Courtney Silakoski


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How would you like to earn this beautiful Origami Owl themed I Pad Mini? It can be yours if you sponsor 3 new designers between March 1st and March 31st. Then help them to have their launch parties and achieve $500 in Personal Volume within their first 30 days of joining! You too will need to have at least $500 in PV! You can do it!

See complete details on the flyer!

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The Charmed Life will be holding a Spring Launch meeting on Saturday, March 8th from 1-4 pm at the Hamilton Elks, 1580 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite. If you haven't purchased your ticket yet we recommend you do so quickly. This is close to being sold out!

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Crystal McQuaig $2478

Lori Sargent $2352

Donna Russell $2144

Rebecca Herndon $1944

Denise Curran $1989

Monika Ceralde $1863

Patricia Gentile $1853

Marlisa Beatty $1852

Jamie Bertucci $1795

Sonya Cubberly $1750

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Congratulations to the following designers for growing their teams!

Lori Sargent 6

Amanda Green 3

Amy Laptad 3

Jamie Bertucci 3

Denise Curran 2

Eileen and Breandan Hensley 2

Jennifer Zinna Chatman 2

Melissa Stollsteimer 2

Sarina Breen 2

Amanda de Charleroy 1

Amanda Lister 1

Angie White 1

Annis Monforte 1

Carrie Mifflin 1

Donna Frie 1

Jamie Dillich 1

Jeanette Gordon 1

Jo Ann Marietta

Katie DeVito 1

Marlisa Beatty 1

Marybeth Reff 1

Monika Ceralde 1

Nichole Laser 1

Nicole and Derrell Lankford 1

Nicole Zambarano 1

Shannon Pacheco 1

Shannon Rust 1

Theresa Vassallo 1

Veronica Callahan 1

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During the month of February you added designers from sixteen States! That is OWLMAZING! Way to GROW!

Welcome to all of our new designers from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas!

Alonna Sitarik

Alysha Twardowski

Amanda Cook

Amanda Owen

Amanda Wilson

Angie Wehlau

Barbara Antzoulis

Brittany Brazzell

Carolyn Vanhoy

Carrie Hicks

Catherine Braunstein

Cristy Jordan

Crystal Harvey

Cynthia Acosta

Danielle Strong

Dawn and Melody Beam

Denise Hoagland

Donna Hannani

Heather Bennett

Iliana Maldonado

Jacqueline Trippe

Jacquline Boenning

Jennifer Mayle

Jennifer Schwarz

Jessica Hernandez

Jill DeMolli

Julie Dormer

Kelly Anson

Kristin Archibald

Lisa Malloy

Lisa Metzger-Stavish

Lori Squire

Marianne Weber

Marsha Hamilton

Megan Corwin

Melissa Day

Melissa Karst

Moira Skea

Natasha Gill

Pat Austin

Rikki Willis

Samantha Balitzki

Shajia Sultana-Samaroo

Shaune Hendrickson

Stacia Butler

Sue Trainor

Susan Irving

Victoria Self

Whitney Moll


You don't want to miss our National Convention! There are only 5,000 seats available and we expect this to be a sell out! Register today and plan on joining us in Arizona! We have a special Facebook Group for everyone on The Charmed Life team that is going to Convention! Let us know when you are registered and we can add you to the group!

My favorite thing to hear at Convention is "Everybody's Getting One!" Make the commitment to join us and your business will soar as a result!

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