Government , Economy, Culture, and Geography


.Japan has warm to cool temperates since they are sourounded by water,with virtually no energy natural resources.Their natual hazurt were things like many dormant and some active volcanoes,tsunamis; typhoons but things like his never stopd the toris from coming.The landfroms in this area is mostly rugged and mountainous.


 Some exports are commodites are motor vehicles, semiconductors, iron and steel products, auto parts, plastic materials, power generating machinery.Some exports parners areChina, US, South, Hong Kong, Thailand (2011).The things that they will import are suff like.$856.9 billion (2012 est.)country comparison to the world: 5 807.6 billion (2011 est.) Some imports commodities are petroleum, liquid natural gas, clothing, semiconductors, coal, audio and visual apparatus. Some import parners are China , US , Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea (2011).The GDP has $36,200 (2012 est.).The agricuture products is $36,200.The


Their constution was pasted 3 May 1947.  know that till know.They had laws for 20 years of age for being the age that they can vote.The leaders of the Executive Branch is Emperor AKIHITO and  Prime Minister Shinzo ABE.The leader of the Judicial Branch is Supreme Court.They are a government with  a constitutional monarchy.


Their nationality is Japanese.Some ethnic groups they have there are Japanese, Koreans, and  Chinese.The language spoken in their country is Japanese. The religions in their area are Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity.