March Newsletter

Colby Grade School

It's our LUCKY month!

Happy March Friends! There are so many things to feel LUCKY about that March brings to us. It's Read Across America Week and our popular March Madness for staff and students. March also brings us Spring Break. Just a week after break, 3rd and 4th graders begin State Assessments. Please help us to encourage students to do their very best as teachers work hard to prepare them. Be sure to check out all that's happening and review our celebration attachments!

Look What's Happening....

Mar. 2- First Grade Musical

CMS Auditorium 7:00

Mar. 3- 120th Day of School

1st Grade classroom celebrations

Mar. 8th- Staff & 4th Grade Dodge Ball

2:00 Grade School Gymnasium

Mar. 9- PTO Carnival

Grades K-2 9-10:30

3-4th 1-2:30

Mar. 10- No School

Staff Workday

Mar. 13-17- Spring Break

Mar. 20- 4th Quarter Begins

Mar. 24- Birthday Lunch

Middle School Cafeteria

Mar. 24- Rock Paper Scissors Competition

3:00 Grade School Gymnasium

Mar. 27- Dental and Respiratory Health Demonstrations

Mar. 27- Kindergarten Pre-Enrollment/ Parent Meeting

CGS Activity Room 5:45-6:15pm

Mar. 27- School Board Meeting

USD 315 Board Room

Read Across America Week!

Big picture

March Madness Student & Staff Calendar

After School Program

News From Nurse Kayla

With Spring rolling in, you and your children may be experiencing an increase in seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are often referred to as “hay fever,” and may cause your child to have symptoms similar to a cold. Hay fever and other allergies are caused when your body tries to fight off what it thinks is an invader, just like when you get sick. This month we will focus on how to manage seasonal allergies in your child.

Why It Matters:

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), in data published from the 2014 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 8.4% of US children under age 18 suffered from hay fever, 10% from respiratory allergies, 5.4% from food allergies, and 11.6% from skin allergies. Seasonal allergies can cause:


-Difficulty sleeping

-Difficulty concentrating in class

-Falling asleep in class

-Behavior issues

Signs of Allergies:

Allergies can present in many different ways. Some common symptoms include:

-Stuffy nose/sneezing

-Itchy throat

-Skin rash

-Watery eyes

Severe allergies can cause your child to become covered in hives, become dizzy or have difficulty breathing. If you notice these signs in your child, call 911.

What You Can Do:

-Have your child rinse their hands and face after playing outside.

-Keep indoor windows closed during high-pollen times.

-If you think that your child may need medications for their allergies, talk to their provider about treatment options.

-Let your child’s school nurse and teacher know.

-If your child has a severe allergy (such as with peanuts), make sure that the school is aware and has an Epi Pen on campus.

-If your child has asthma, talk to their doctor and the school nurse about their allergies. Allergies can make asthma worse.

For more information regarding allergies please visit:

Cafeteria Reminders....

We are a NUT FREE school.

No meals purchased at fast food outlets are to be consumed at mealtime in the cafeteria. If a food outlet items is brought to school it MUST NOT be brought to school in original containers.

Caffeinated beverages are NOT allowed in sack lunches or to be consumed in the cafeteria at any time.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Buffalo Bill Cultural Center

1st grade & 3rd grade attended the Kansas Day activities at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center, Fick Fossil Museum, and Oakley Public Library. We learned about the dinosaurs that roamed our area thousands of years ago. We learned about the settlement of Fort Wallace from the Fort Wallace museum curators. We got to listen to the Matt Kleopfer family from Harmony Hill about how they grow all their own food, raise honeybees, and we also enjoyed listening to this family perform. The dad and 4 children all play instruments and sing.

PRIME TIME- The Little Rascals

Join us on Friday, March 31st!

This will be our final PRIME TIME for the the school year!

Admission is $1 donation with all proceeds going to Grade School Projects.

Tickets must be purchased no later than Monday, March 27th.

Concessions will be available. All items are $1 each.

Please do not send more than $5 with your student for concessions.

All students will be picked up after the movie at the Auditorium doors on 3rd Street.