Current Issues in Monsoon Asia

By: Holly Siu and Michaela Jackman

Population Growth

The population in China was once booming up until the one-child policy got put into play. Economic growth and consumer demand overseas has increased the labor work, requiring more jobs and positions to be filled. The gap between the rich and the poor is one of the world's largest and China faces a lot of air pollution.

Pollution in the Ganges

The Ganges River is the holiest River in India. It also is extremely polluted which causes many problems, diseases, and deaths. You can find many waste products including dead bodies!! Many people dump the bodies in hope that their soul will be saved. More than 420 million people rely on daily for bathing, cooking, drinking, and waste. The polluted river effects irrigation and now, there is no sea life within.


Today, more than 800,000 Indians work in outsourced IT and BPO jobs. India receives more than 40% of outsourced jobs making it the destination for outsourced jobs. The reason is because in India they work for one sixth to one tenth of what Americans get money wise with that job, because in India they can still live a comfortable lifestyle with that amount. Outsourcing in India has been saving American businesses a lot of money, but has Also taken jobs from many Americans.

Poverty in India

About 25% of India’s over 1 billion people live in poverty. One of the major causes for this is the illiteracy of the people. Roughly 40% of the nation's population can not read and write. Also, limited access to social services and health care has contributed to the poverty.The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. To decrease poverty, they're trying to increase education and create working opportunities.

Environmental Issues in China

The State Environmental Protection Administration was established in 1988 to help control the pollution and improve China's living conditions and ecological system. China's believed to have the world's worst industrial pollution, so this has been a challenge. Every 5 years they issue multi billion dollar plans to try to help. The SEPA has added regulations to many of the industries that cause the biggest problems to the environment. They have been very successful in adding laws that are helping to make China greener.