Kingdoms of Africa Activity

By Jeff Perkins

Kingdom of Ghana

  • Location: West Africa right along the coast

  • Government: The government of Ghana is a republic

  • Economy: Mixed economy

  • Collapse: Many people believe that when the Arabs from North America invaded Ghana it caused a decline in trade and slowed everything down causing the collapse

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Kingdom of Mali

  • Location: West Africa in the savanna grasslands
  • Government : Ghana was ruled by powerful kings
  • Economy: farming, mining, trading(for gold and salt).
  • Collapse: The Songhai conquered the empire after Mansa Musa past
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Kingdom of Songhai

  • Location: Located in West Africa
  • Government: The Songhai Empire was set up like a dynasty so they had one leader to rule the whole empire
  • Economy: The Songhai Empire traded salt, slaves, and gold. Money mainly surrounded by trading those things
  • Collapse: Civil wars weakened the empire. While the empire was weak Moroccans took the empire over

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