A breakthrough

This is a place to celebrate

Please share, share, share....changes in practice, student successes small and larger as well as any items you think others might find helpful/interesting

Reading Breakthrough

Digging Deeper....yup, I did it!

Hi everyone. Just had to share a moment I had today....your help brainstorming about issues that might be present during Independent Reading time really helped me dig deeper!

Social Studies Project Template

Hey everyone,

Here's a link to the template I was telling you includes the initial maps we used for students to select their francophone country of choice, the business cards 5s and 6s used as well as the poster templates and unit overview (it's not pretty...but you get the idea)

Big image

Math Map & Anchor Charts

Hi there,

I've attached a pic of Johnny using the math map (he's listing the strategy he used so others can approach him if they need coaching) as well as one of the anchor charts I was telling you about (student-created & presented)