By: Marianna Kalembasa and Izabella Cohn

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How it is made

  • Wind is converted into mechanical power to produce wind energy.

  • Then from the mechanical power the generator is able to convert it into electricity.

  • A wind turbine work the opposite of a fan, instead of using electricity to produce wind, the wind turbines uses wind to produce electricity.

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  • Safe fuel alternative makes for less pollution and fresh air.

  • Wind cannot pollute the air and allows people to use other alternatives to fuel and gas such as wind and other solar energies.

  • Won’t run out of wind ever. Wind will always be around, which makes for a reliable energy source.

  • Wind is all around the world and is always there whether you feel it or not.

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Cost Effectiveness

  • The cost of wind power is very low and stable. It doesn’t take much to get wind.

  • Wind creates no fuel costs so the price stays the same or stable over time.

  • Wind prices have decreased over the years since the early 2000’s.

  • Wind prices have seemed to stay the same even as other prices of fuel and electricity have risen.

  • Costs of wind are around $5.00 for every little bit of natural gas to 30.00 for every bit of electricity used.