Sped Weekly Update

Week of October 12th

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ORS Open Office Hours Tomorrow from 8-12

If you haven't yet signed up there is still time to meet with ORS or encourage a student to do so. If you have signed up a student, try to remind them when they will be going.

Sign up:


Do you have any students on your case load who will be taking the PSAT's or SAT's

Please contact me asap if they are receiving or will need to be receiving any sort of accommodation for either test.

LAC Flyers to go out to students ASAP!

I have put flyers in your mailboxes for you to pass out to your case management, thanks all on assisting with this task! Encourage students and parents to attend this helpful meeting!

Parent Permission to hold without for Amendment and IEP meetings

If parents are unable to attend meeting and you have written or verbal permission, we can hold without. In that case, paper work should go as follows:

  • IEP signature page: Write parent permission to hold without
  • Aspen Sign In, Attendance: Write parent permission to hold without
  • Prior Written Notice: Send home PWN in attempts to have parent sign, make every attempt within 1-1.5 weeks after meeting. If no signature, let your LEA know so they can inform the special education office and send either signed or unsigned PWN with their file.

Are you having difficulty with specific Students and looking to make placement changes?? Use the Consultation Request Form

As with the beginning of any school year, transitions are difficult; research tells us that adjusting to major transitions, typically take 6 weeks to be made. Classroom management strategies that address behavior modulation and IEP accommodations and modifications need to be implemented with consistency and fidelity from ALL educators. This process should be documented to verify progress or difficulty.

The next steps in this process should include the team (including the former case manager) meeting to brainstorm problems and solutions and complete the consultation request form. I suggest the case managers starts filling out the form with information already made available, which may make it easier to add to at the meeting. I ask that data and intervention strategies take place and be recorded within 6 weeks after the meeting and then the team reconvenes to discuss results and more support, if needed.


I am in the process of clarifying the details to the specific details of this process :)

Email Sent to Team Members who have specific RIDE students in their classes

Hello All,

As you are aware, RIDE will be here next week, October 19th- 22nd. I am writing to you, as you are a special educator or general educator who teaches a student who has been randomly chosen by RIDE for our 2015/ 2016 School Support System Review, Special Education visit. The components to the visit include: team member/educator interviews, student observations, and confidential survey. The student you currently service is: Barron, Battey, Broduer


All special educators will be interviewed by the School Support System review team and some regular educators and team members will be interviewed as well. Please check this schedule for your name and interview time. If your name is not on the schedule you will not be interviewed. The team consists of 3 members and you can expect to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and answer some basic questions for around 15-20 minutes. They assure us that this is by no means any form of evaluation and is strictly for compliance purposes.

Student Observations: In addition, the student who is on your teaching schedule will be shadowed by the team and may be in your class at sometime during their time in the building.

Interview/Observation Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xJyvU1q8JtfjxA2ohEKkso_91cXM0WQm-1pwYmxU6aI/edit

Survey: If you had not done so already, please take 3-5 minutes and complete the RIDE survey, this should give you a clear picture of what topics and areas to be addressed by the team.

Survey Link:


​Letter from RIDE:​


I will send a google invite so you can have it on your calendar as well.

Thanks so much!! I'm sure they will see what an amazing team we have servicing our students.