Life in the Library *October*

Wrightstown Elementary's Library News

Look What We Have Been Doing!

October was a busy month in the library. Kindergarteners got to know author Susan Meddaugh (author of the Martha books) and had some Halloween fun.

In first grade, classes compared and contrasted fiction and nonfiction, using the beautiful Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon and some nonfiction books about bats. Second and third graders are working on folktales, exploring common themes in stories from around the world, including Italy, Africa and the Pacific Northwest.

Our fourth graders have had a lot of fun learning about the Dewey Decimal system. From the goofy rap video to making our own colorful Wordle word splashes (now displayed around the shelves), students have become experts in organizing their library!

Fifth graders are studying genre, exploring their self-selected books and digging in to historical fiction. Playing games (using movement and the SmartBoard) have given them ways to interact with their books and each other!

Sixth graders have explored Access PA's Power Library and learned to use many of the free databases within it. Now we are starting to learn about digital literacy, going over concepts such as copyright and narrowing search topics.

Halloween week was filled with spooky (but fun) stories to read aloud and some related activities. Reading in the darkened story room, lit with fun Halloween lights, added to the effect! Stay tuned for our November happenings!