Pattopia Times

Edition 2, Volume 1

Written by students in our classroom

What's The Latest?

By Riah

Upcoming Event: March Break

By: Vyshnavee

Over the March break, I am going to go on a Norwegian Getaway Cruise. We are going to leave from home on March 11, 2016 in the evening. After we leave, we are going to drive all night and all day until we get to the hotel in Florida. Then on Sunday morning at 10:30 I will get on the cruise ship which leaves Florida at 4 pm. The ship will stop in Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, and in the Bahamas. We will go to all these places, stay on the cruise ship and have some fun!!!

Inventions in March

By Eliran

In March, there were a lot of great inventions. Like in 1990 Harold Ostrow and Zvi Bleier invented a portable ice cream machine and in 1790, the first ice hockey indoor game was played in Montreal and in 1879 Albert Einstein was born.

March Book Reviews

By Isabella


Rating: 5 Stars

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: Masterminds is about a town called Serenity that is extremely perfect. Too perfect. There’s no crime, no homelessness, no poverty, no war and everyone in Serenity has a pool AND… a treehouse. When Eli and his best friend Randy bike ride to the “Leaving Serenity” sign, everything starts to go wrong: Randy leaves Serenity to go live with his grandparents, at least that’s what Eli’s been told. With the help of Eli’s friends Amber, Tori, Malik and Hector they soon find out what is really going on in this too perfect town: SERENITY…

Review: Masterminds is action filled, with plenty of secrets and surprises.

Between Shadows

Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Fiction

Summary: Between Shadows is about a boy named Ari whose Grandfather just died. When Ari’s Grandfather’s Lawyer reads his Grandfather’s will, Ari, his Dad and his Aunt all find out that Ari’s Grandfather left his whole lakeside cabin to Ari. Unfortunately there’s an alternative to keeping the property, instead of keeping the property Ari’s Dad and Aunt can sell the property. Then put half the money in a bank account for Ari and split half of the money that's left, between Ari’s Dad and Aunt. With the help of Ari’s new friend Tam, Ari tries to do everything he can to stop his Dad and Aunt from selling his Grandfather’s lakeside property. Even if that means lots of sabotage.

Review: Between Shadows is an adventurous story that will make you want to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Interview With Cole

By Chance

CHANCE: What’s your favourite sport and why?

COLE: My favourite sport is football because it's rough, dirty and it's fun to play with a lot of people.

CHANCE: Do you think it's so fun with all the injuries?

COLE: The injuries teach you to get through them and play harder then before you got your injury.

CHANCE: This is my last question. What's your favourite position in football to watch and play?
COLE: I like linebacker because I get to stop the offense.

I Love Social Media

By Abi

These are some of my favorite media related things. Messages are one of my favorite things because you can always be in touch with family and friends. My second favorite thing is Pinterest because I love keeping myself busy and trying new things out to see if they work and it's also a great way to have fun. On Pinterest you can see anything you want from fashion to cooking, life hacks and more. I also love how you can use media to stay up to date with any school related things and also be very organized. Another favorite thing you can do if you don't have a pencil or paper, Notes has got you covered. You also can download apps to even draw. These days you can do everything on social media: like have virtual friends like Siri, you can also have virtual pets. These are the reasons why I love media.

Ask Us Column

By Nico

The question we received this week was: What is the most common birthday?

Our answer: The most common birthday is September 16th. Many famous people were born on that day like Nick Jonas who is a singer and Flo Rida who is a rapper. About 100-200 people were born September 16th in 1934. So if you’re birthday is on September 16th, you have many, many other people born that day too.

Breaking news!

By Roger

Nobleking Knights A is playing in the playoffs. They versed the Aurora Tigers and the Newmarket Redmen. They came in second with 20 points and Aurora with 21 points. "Oh so close!” Then Nobleking Knights moved on to the elimination round and then they are versing the Innisfil Hawks. They are tied 1-1 in the series.