Noah Webster Media Center

Your Library Cards and Bins are on the way!


I cannot wait to collaborate with all of you this year. My focus this year are the Technology and Information Literacy Standards that support the Common Core Standards. I will be integrating your classroom curriculums into lessons whenever possible. Please send me an email with topics you would like me to cover.Here are a few bits of information you need to know:The schedule is different this year and many classes will not come to visit the library until later in the year. I would like all students to have a chance to get books from the library but the schedule will not allow. In order to solve the problem I will be sending library cards and a bin to your classroom. A sign up sheet will be available for teachers to bring their class to the library while I am teaching in the lab. Please have students choose a book and place their library card inside. Books should be placed in your bin and left on the circulation desk. I will process the books and deliver them to you.Returning books should be placed on the bookcart.Library Cards should have the student name, ID#, Teacher name, and grade.I will continue to create specialized topic webpages on whenever you need dependable research links.Grades 2-8 are creating portfolios in Edmodo. This is a secure site where students can locate their media assignments, check their grades, and store their work. Parents are also welcome to log in to view their child's work but must get a log in through their child's account.I am looking for students to participate in a media center "geek" squad. More information will be coming.Many of your classes are creating short videos. These videos are posted on under the title tech videos.