Train Wreck- Research Questions

By, Jenna Burk

Question #1- What can you do to insure your own safety in event of a train wreck?

This question is considered a mile deep question because I can find a good amount of information of it. Lots of good quality related cites come up, that discuss rail accidents and how you can prevent injury or death in the event of a wreck. One website that I looked at claimed when the accident occurs, it is important to keep calm and avoid panic, follow the conductor's orders, and most importantly to try and get off the train as soon as possible, especially in the case of a fire starting. Another website I read said to alert security if they don't seem to be aware, and if anyone is wounded it is suggested not to touche them, wait for a professional unless there is a fire.
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Question #2- What are the safety regulations on a train?

This is a mile deep question, because I could find lots of information, but am still not overwhelmed with the results. One website I saw that you need to stay alert when around train tracks or a station because train come very fast and are sometimes hard to hear, and not to stand too close to the tracks. Another website I saw said that while on the train you must be careful to follow all the conductors directions and hold on to a pole or your seat, it also said to be careful getting off and on the train because there may be a large drop.

Question #3- How can you get others to safety on a train wreck?

This question is a yard deep question, when I searched it very many websites popped up, lots with good information, one of which claimed that you should try not to help elders and children off the train first because those are the ones that may have trouble, it also said that in the case of a fire you would need to help people closest to the fire find a way to escape to the emergency exit.
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Question #4- How likely is it to get in a train wreck?

This question is a yard deep, because I had to go to multiple cites to find answers that I thought were most reliable. One of the most reliable website I went to claimed in 2009-2014 there were about 2069 crashes per year.

Question #5- How many people die in train crashes?

This is a yard deep question because I found a lot of cites telling me similar, but slightly different things, the most reliable information I found was that in 2012-2014 there were about 244 deaths per year.

Question #6- Are trains safer than other ways of traveling?

This question is a mile deep question because I found lots of facts from good websites. For example one website claimed that it was an understandable question and a largely debated topic. The website said that according to a 2013 study by Ian Savage (economist) trains are the second safest, following planes.
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