School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Re-organization Meeting

Lisa Roth was approved to continue as President and David Hein as Vice President.

Two new board members were sworn in: Marisa Zeigler and Patrick Foose.

Board members Carol Facchiano, David Kennedy, and Lisa Roth were re-instated.

Regular Meeting

Board member Linda Perlman McKenna reported on the November Community Advisory Council meeting where the topic was Technology and Curriculum. A team of Parkland educators presented on how Parkland’s digital ecosystem is transforming teaching and learning to provide students more personalized learning opportunities through the use of tools such as Schoology and Clever. Members of the presentation team included JR Renna, Coordinator of Educational Technology; Lauren Will, PHS Technology Integration Specialist; Sam Edwards, OMS and SMS Technology Integration Specialist; Amy Miller, Social Studies teacher, OMS; Emily DeLuca, 6th grade teacher, SMS; Megan Lenner, 1st grade teacher, Jaindl; Jarrod Neff, English teacher, PHS; and Tracy Smith, Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations. The link to the presentation can be found here.

Board Vice President David Hein provided a Legislative report, including an update on Act 91 regarding school safety, and proposed Act 93 that would raise the age for the purchase of tobacco-related products from 18 to 21 in response to recent issues with vaping.

Board member Linda Perlman-McKenna provided an update on the district’s Health and Wellness Committee co-chaired by Sheri Deeb and Lori Seier. There has been positive feedback on changes to the birthday treats policy implemented this year; 57 baskets were delivered to elementary classrooms during the months of September and October alone. The new food services menu software was demonstrated. The new menu provides parents much more detailed nutritional information, including calorie counts and the ability to filter menus based on a child’s food allergies. In addition, Sheri reported we had another successful employee flu clinic in partnership with CVS; more than 620 staff members received flu vaccinations during the months of October and November.


Everyone congratulated the newly appointed and re-appointed Board members, and expressed being thankful for the continued leadership of Lisa Roth and David Hein.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, December 17, 2019, at 7 PM (Workshop), Meeting (8 PM)