Performing Arts

Acting On Camera

Additional Requirements

To become a actor or actress you have to be able to act, read and memorize. Take plenty of workshops. You will also need headshots body shots and resume. Why? Well because when you start submitting to casting directors they know about you and what you look like.

Working Conditions

-Very long hours

-Always At it

-Can be in or outside depends on scene


-Paid Big Bills


-Work Along Side Famous Actors


Well what you get can depend on your character or how many people watched it in the theatre. Can also depend on how much the people making the movie have to give.

- Example: a low budget film you might get $64/8 hours ....for a high budget film you get like $300/hr. Plus your percentage of the money from fans that watched it



Websites ( this is a website to help beginning actor model dances singer etc. find work) ( this website is the best way for actor, models, dancers, and singer, etc. find casting calls close to home..such as South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida)