Lion Cub Leader

January 2022

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! The new year brings new goals! Teachers and students are working on goal-setting based on students' mid-year data. Please be sure to ask your child what they are working on academically and what their action plans is to help meet their goals. Our schoolwide goals are to increase reading and math proficiency by having all students to show growth in their STAR Reading scores and for class averages to be at 60% benchmarked by the end of the year. Our culuture goal is to improve self-efficacy so that students will feel in control of their behavior, emotions, and motivation to do their best. Ask to see your child's leadership portfolio that they use in their classroom!


Monday, January 17th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Tuesday, January 18th: E-Learning Day

Tuesday, January 25th: STAR Reading PM

Wednesday, January 26th: Liberty Learning Celebration 2nd Grade

Thursday, January 27th: STAR Math PM

Thursday, February 3rd: The Mess Hall Event