Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade Week 3.02.15

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If you have anything...

We will be doing a couple of St Patrick's Day activities in class. If you have anything we can use in class, please send it in with your child.

Greatly appreciated, as always!

What's been happening...

Reading: This week we have been working on the main idea of a text and individual paragraphs. We used non-fiction texts to do this. The children worked well and were able to use headings and pictures to help them identify the main idea. Next week we will be finishing off the non-fiction unit. Remember that the practice Reading MOG will take place this Thursday at 8am. Please try and have your child in school, as this is an important time and allows us to see where your child has gaps in their learning.

Writing: This week we have been organizing our information for our Planets non-fiction texts. We will be developing our paragraphs in preparation for the story board building the following week. Thank you for all the England projects. I was really interested to read about the research. I plan on displaying the children's work in the classroom so other children can enjoy their work.

Math: This week we completed our end of unit test and wrapped up multiplication and division, along with some word problems. Next week we move onto an important unit about area and perimeter. These were heavily included on the practice test, so your child will be doing a lot of practical tasks to learn about this skill.

Social Studies: Next week we will be looking at how Raleigh has developed economically and will be learning about budgeting money.

Please email me with any questions you have about your child's learning. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.


Information for you

  • CAMP THUNDERBIRD - Please note the change of date for this. It will now be on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th. Your child should have brought home a new consent form, which needs signing and returning at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
  • READING TEST - We have moved the MOG to Thursday 12th March. All children will take the test to inform us of their progress.
  • GRADING PERIOD - The grading period ends on Monday 9th March.
  • PARENT SURVEYS - These will be given out this Tuesday and collected back in by Thursday.
  • PLUG IN FOR A CURE - Your child can bring in their electricals on Friday with a $2 donation. They will have a 30 minute allotted time to use them during the day.
  • REPORT CARDS - Distributed on March 18th

Multiplication Challenge

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Look at how much the children are learning with their multiplication tables!!! Keep up the great work.
Please encourage your child to persevere with the multiplication challenge. They should have the correct flash cards that can be used at home to learn their tables. It is very frustrating but the children are doing well and learning their tables. Perseverance is the only way they will get through each test. They have lots of time to master each table and I appreciate all the help you are giving them at home.


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This week's star of the week is Jessica. She has been working so hard in every lesson and I am really proud of her progress this week. Her work is always neat and tidy and she is enthusiastic about her work. Keep it up Jessica!
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This week's table of the week is the Purple table. This table is always neat and tidy. This table works really well together and help each other out. They are always ready to line up quietly. Thank you guys!! Poor Ethan is the only boy on this table, but never complains!