Summer Baseball

By: Alex Delebreau

Summer fun

This summer I went to regionals and state for baseball. I went with my dad, my friend Sam and my baseball team. It was located in Janesville, Wisconsin for both tournaments. State was held from July 11-15 and regionals was July 22-26. We got there by car both times. An interesting fact is the team we beat at state two times won regionals and went to New York for nationals and took 3rd.

All About Me

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This is a picture of me with the state championship plaque and trophy. I pitched the whole championship game and we won seven to two.
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This is a picture of me hitting at our first tournament of last season.

The Science Of It

Air resistance makes the ball go not as far because if there was less air resistance the ball would go nearly twice as far. Air resistance depends on humidity, temperature and altitude. This would majorly effect the game of baseball because the a home run would probably be hit every at bat. The second connection I have is Newtons First Law of Physics states that an object will stay in motion unless it is acted on by another force. The baseball when it's hit or pitched will stay in motion until it comes in contact with the bat or the catchers mitt. And gravity will cause the ball to fall if it is hit.

I wonder...?

1. Does the speed of the pitch effect how far the ball goes?

2. If you hit the ball at a fast speed on the lower part of the barrel can it still go as far as hitting it directly on the sweet spot?

3. Is it possible for a human to actually knock the cover off the ball by hitting it?

4. If a bat has more mass will it go farther?

5. Does the ball get more velocity if it is thrown at different angles?

6. If the the game of baseball was mainly played in the winter or cold temperatures would it effect how hard the ball is thrown or hit because of air resistance?